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  1. Is anyone trying to find where all this "disease" is originating? It seems every week another disease is discovered. WTF?

  2. Downvote me if you must, these gun bans ONLY affect legal owners. Except indigenous peoples. They’re still allowed to own AR-15 style rifles, and are the only group of people NOT going to be affected by any weapon ban (except the 1978 prohibition ban). If a hunter doesn’t need an AR-15 to hunt, why does someone of a different genealogical background need one instead?

  3. Haven't you heard? Trudeau, in his original announcement pointed out that the AR15 is the traditional weapon of our First Nations brothers and sisters.

  4. I’m a hunter and firearm owner. While there’s some firearm laws I disagree with, I really like our PAL system, firearms course and licensing.

  5. Exactly. I fully agree with the use of the emergencies act. But if you are willing to use such drastic powers, you should be willing to defend the use of said power in court.

  6. Which, on the upside, Trudeau very much made sure that he was put to this inquiry for the use of the emergencies act. I can definitely appreciate the show of accountability.

  7. Immediately - not 8 months later when you've had that time to script and rehearse your answers.

  8. If you are referring to the trucker convoys they were free to express themselves for weeks and they still are if they want.

  9. if they want..... to be labelled as racist, misogynist fringe with no access to their own bank accounts.

  10. I don't know man, reading that bill C-21 amendment brought forward by the Liberals a week ago, there are sure a few dozen different long guns up for prohibition.

  11. For Christ sake, the Weatherby Mark V is on the goddamn list, that’s the epitome of a “long gun hunting rifle”

  12. There's something in this that makes me say, If Quebec can call their own shots, how is this that much different..? Any insight?

  13. I have a post 20ft away from my house. I have the dish mounted on top (obviously) and the cord simply hangs between the post 14 feet in the air over to the house. I can live with the view and I have zero worries about a bad dig, animals gnawing or anything else ending my love affair with high speed internet.

  14. He had 8 months to script answers. 8 months to figure out what he would be called on, how to answer, to practice and deliver.

  15. Meh.. every year Montreal intentionally unleashes millions of litres of it and nobody bats an eye.

  16. Because it's all within the regulations.

  17. It hasn't been permitted since the 80's. They have to get special authorization from the feds.

  18. What's next? I sure hope it's a lambasting! Blasting him wouldn't be enough.

  19. If we need to get rid of semi autos, the police should get rid of theirs too. They don't even have RPALs. Many of them don't anyway. No two tiered system!!

  20. Looks sweet! A friend of mine got one and someone had slashed it in under a week :( I went for a hard folding cover after seeing that

  21. I'm in a Starlink FB group where its mostly I Hate Elon posts. Believe me, this is nothing

  22. Well if there was a gas tax some of that revenue could go towards education and Healthcare.

  23. Didn't take long to find some bitch to beg for more taxes

  24. Let’s clarify: All students in Ontario learn about the Holocaust in grade 10 history along with WW1 and WW2.

  25. Unless the kids are ADHD, I think there is plenty of evidence out there to drive the facts home. Video, photos, documentary, movies. A few videos on Ann Frank.

  26. How many people do you have.... I have 7 roommates 3 downloading games and eveone streaming a lot and we use about 3-4TB a month. One of my roommates even leaves their TV streaming when they are gone for their kittens.

  27. Good thing Captain Yogapants is mandating an end to gas vehicles. Forcing us to buy technology that is in its infancy, overpriced, unreliable, unsafe and unavailable is a really good call.

  28. So to sum up what you said, they don’t need more land to solve the housing crisis.

  29. You used a lot of words to tell a guy he was wrong while saying the same thing he did. I wasn’t being clever. I was summarizing.

  30. Are we allowed in BC / AB for animal defence?

  31. Maybe if the municipal and provincial police actually had done something the emergencies act wouldn't have been needed.

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