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  1. Some white vinegar on a cotton swab will dissolve your “smegma” problem. Dry the connector(s) off install new batteries, and you should be good to go.

  2. Just give it back to Muni so it can be restored and put it on the F-Line

  3. I think that’s what makes his story compelling, though. I remember how shocking it was when that episode aired during the show’s original run. You hoped Romano would change, hoped for some redemption for him, but not even a catastrophic trauma of his own could shake him up.

  4. I’d imagine if someone experienced that in real life, they would definitely go through a period of serious depression before accepting their situation and changing their outlook in life.

  5. Haven’t you heard? Zeke is willing to redo his contract to stay with the Cowboys.

  6. Yes I don't want to mingle. I just want to enjoy some solitude and some sleep. I think I'll go with the balcony.

  7. If you want great sleep, then go with the interior cabin. Cheaper and with no windows, great for sleeping.

  8. Was this with the county/city? I do some detrashing around my place (nothing close to this level, though, great job!) and I'm never QUITE sure what to do with my trash. I end up putting it in my personal garbage (or community garbage if there's one near by). I can't imagine what I'd do with this much!

  9. I usually bring what I pick up home with me. I have permission from a few of my neighbors to use their garbage cans. I put what I collect in their cans once they put them out for collection the night before the garbage men come to collect it.

  10. That’s great, but a couple of tips. 1) ALWAYS work facing traffic. You should always look up and watch traffic as you hear it approach. Too many people aren’t paying attention when they drive. 2) Working at sunset/sunrise is also too risky due to poor visibility. 3) Remember, no piece of litter is worth getting hurt over.

  11. Unless you are living in Sacramento, Marin or Solano counties; living in the Bay Area is too damn expensive for noobie C/Os. Also, with CCC closing, CDCR is missing an opportunity to allow staff who want to stay in Susanville to fill HDSP openings as they come open.

  12. Disclaimer: I have never worked on a cruise ship, but I have taken a decent amount of cruises. What are the two of you hoping to do on the ship? If you don’t have special skills, are you comfortable with the idea of working seven days a week for three to six months, without a day off? Because that’s the reality of most cruise ship workers (room attendants and food/beverage departments). You will most likely have a small, windowless cabin. It’s definitely not a typical 40 hour, five day work week.

  13. I thought Waffle House got rid of franchisees and made them all WH company owned awhile ago?

  14. Yeah it was popular when Nascar was popular in 2007. By the mid 2010s, the crowds and tv audience at most tracks had dwindled dramatically

  15. The housing meltdown and resulting recession hit NASCAR attendance hard.

  16. Minimum payments on everything except the Wells Fargo CC. You have less than six months to pay it off before that 28% interest kicks in. Also, double check the original offer “fine print”. Some credit cards end up charging you the high rate if the ENTIRE ORIGINAL balance isn’t paid off by the end of the promotional period. If that’s the case, dip into your savings to pay whatever balance is left on it.

  17. Becoming debt free is especially tough just starting out in life. Realize that unless you suddenly come into some money, it will take time. Start off by making a monthly budget and track your spending. Set small and realistic goals for the year on cutting down your debt. Also work on building an emergency fund. Be happy with what you have and don’t mistake a “want” for a “need”.

  18. I got ridiculously downvoted for asking a real question. Wtf. This happens? I'm Irish I'm curious

  19. There's a moment the Buffalo first tried to get up and one of the lions was like "no you stay where you are" and pushes it back down

  20. “Stay right there. We’ll be right back, as soon as we sort this out.”

  21. From a guy who is 6’ 4” tall, Challenger all the way. The Camaro’s roof line is too low and the Ecosport in the Mustang is lame in my opinion. Find yourself a 2015 or newer SXT Plus and you should be good to go. I really enjoy mine. 30 mpg highway and a comfortable ride for long drives.

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