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  1. In the case of this song specifically, I’d say there’s a few reasons:

  2. Ok what would you say about “I’m on Fire” by Bruce Springsteen? Only 2:34 long

  3. LOVE that song! Just reheard it and was still surprised that it ended when it did. Felt shorter than it is

  4. "Whispering At The Top Of My Lungs" By The Danish Artist Tim Christensen

  5. If you do report her, do you have somewhere to stay permanently that isn't at your family? Can you stay at your friends house as you are now? If so, how long? If you can stay with her for enough time then report your mom. It might be hard but it does not sound like she is capable of acting responsible. Report her. If you cannot stay at your friend's house then stay at your mom and get ready to move as soon as you can. What about your sister? How is her relationship with your mom and the rest of your family? If she also suffering from this abuse? Would she be able to move with you if it comes to that?

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