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  1. Once I was walking home from work and somebody tried mugging me. They must’ve been coming home from a shift themself because they had there name tag on still 😂.

  2. I’ve wondered this as well. Some of the pairings are not the most convincing.

  3. I just re-read there book and it’s like so confusing? You’ve known her for 12 years and suddenly you love her…?

  4. Same but it’s so cute that I just enjoyed the ride. Colin was a little (a lot) self-absorbed and Pen didn’t (couldn’t) do more to put herself out there because she was a woman and lady whistledown. She also loves the Bridgertons, and tbf to Colin, Pen’s crush on him for a long time was immature and idealistic. They both needed to grow up and then grow together.

  5. I had a feeling Polin would be S3 bc I could not think how they would continue that ‘friendship’ of theres for another whole season

  6. Curly hairs need more substrate than that, they are a burrowing species that T will appreciate it if more substrate is added. I have a curly hair and mine never climbs up high… but just in case they can get stuck on there and fall and really hurt themselves!

  7. ik this is old but how did you get this scene?? i’m replaying and when juliet butts in tom doesn’t say this, just suggests we leave

  8. when he couples up with you there’s a gem scene where you can sleep with the person you was previously coupled with in the morning you need to tell him you did and he will defend you against Juliet

  9. Just finished re-reading for the third time, here's my rank of the books (not of the couple)

  10. I must say I’ve re read the book’s recently and Eloise and Phillip have gone down 🤣 and Hyacinth and Gareth have gone up

  11. I really wonder how they will do the series after Penelope gets married and Lady Whistledown has retired. Presumably, she just won't retire- the show without the Julie Andrews voiceovers doesn't seem right.

  12. maybe they won’t reveal her…? I’m really unsure.. it seems like such a big part of Colin and Pen’s story

  13. Have you watched Sanditon? that’s similar and incredible too, they recently release Season 3

  14. I watched it on hdtoday it’s a website where you can watch just about anything for free

  15. This is one of the places I think they screwed up a bit honestly. Why have this storyline if you aren't actually going to have this storyline? They are a couple in the end but how hard would it have been for them to actually show affection in private.

  16. Oh so they was a couple in the end! how nice I love that. But i do agree it must of been hard back then… I guess they have the opportunity of it not being scandalous for two men to be alone together?

  17. I thought they could have had them kiss in the dining room scene and then have Arthur say he can't live with them that it isn't fair to anyone. My personal thoughts on the matter. I assume they eventually made their trip to the cabin in the river but I guess we really don't know.

  18. pretty sure the cliffs is in the middle of Heyrick and Sanditon so when he went to find her she just was there for the same happened in season 2 when he offered her the job of governess

  19. Oh she’s definitely stay with the Parkers so she and Colbourne could see eachother everyday without their being a scandal of living together before marriage!!

  20. I’m excited for QC i truly am, the closer it gets the more excited I am for it! but S3… I want that more 😂

  21. I feel like the wardrobe situation will follow on with the books, that her mother has just accepted that she’s a spinster and stops trying 😢

  22. I definitely think they will. It will be nice to see to be honest as he has this whole dementor of being a ‘gentleman’ and it will be interesting to watch how he cannot hold back from pen 😂

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