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  1. I'm a woman but I crossed my legs and squeezed my groin region in response 🤣

  2. Gorgeous. I would call them neutral, not nude though.

  3. I love this combo! I have darker skin and always feel like my hands will look weird with that color nude lol. I will still try it eventually

  4. been waiting 2 months now, filed electronically, no refund yet.

  5. It’s not the big words more so the “I think I have all the necessary data to make a decision here” blah blah like okay we get it you’re a scientist but when you talk in your daily life like you would talk in your profession it is LE CRINGE

  6. Your comment is so spot on you made me chuckle. He is the embodiment of LE CRINGE.

  7. If your boyfriend pressures you to have sex until you “cave,” that seems a little more important to me than how proud he is of your gym bod

  8. Guns, heavy weights, metal music, RPG video games, axe/knife throwing, racing cars/car detailing, poker

  9. Looks like she forgot how to type properly. How can anyone understand what she is saying?

  10. I was mostly poking fun at her use of particular phrases like "deadass". I guess I'm just uncultured lol

  11. Honestly, same with oral. I absolutely hate receiving and it just feels very awkward since I'm not into it, and giving it is just a huge no for me. I always felt like I was the only one who felt this way since that is how it can feel at times, until a friend of mine said the exact same thing though initially I thought it was because we both had a similar history of sexual abuse + rape. Then a few other people in our group said the same thing who hadn't dealt with the same issues and it made me feel more "normal" for lack of a better word. It's weirdly comforting in a sense to realise not everyone likes to give or receive oral and that is totally fine.

  12. I've never finished from oral in my life. I've probably been close a few times but never made it over the edge. With my current partner, he's done it in a "sweet" way and tried to make me comfortable if that makes any sense, but I can still never finish. I relax and let it happen because he enjoys doing it, but I can't say it feels amazing and that I can cum from it because I can't. It's more of like an "appetizer" before the main course, but I don't even feel much during it. Like a wet numbness that can get unpleasant after a while. Traditional sex is more enjoyable to me.

  13. I saw STFD at #32 and realized this was a terrible list.

  14. STFD is actually my favorite game and the first ever ND game I played so it holds a special place in my heart. MID is by far the worst hands down.

  15. Thermodynamics says she's lying. You can't gain weight from eating so little calories... that's LOW in comparison to the average BMR and she'd be losing weight.

  16. Could be a trick question as there is no "war" against one another really.

  17. My bf doesn’t give a shit about my body if my happiness and health is there

  18. I am SO proud of my ass, I went from literal double-ass-chin flatness to dummy thicc in like 2.5 years

  19. I second this. Eating more and a good gym routine help me beat the flat ass genes I got from my mama (sorry mama LOL)

  20. My face is also pretty conventionally attractive. I have seafoam green eyes that people always compliment me on. I like my hair and my height. I also think I'm a generally kind person, selfless with others, and intelligent.

  21. Honestly I feel like this subreddit is more about fueling EDs than helping people recover or offering positivity towards the recovery process. That's my "unpopular opinion".

  22. I’ve heard this a few times now in the comments, but my thing is, I don’t get approached by these “other” guys with all these great characteristics people keep referring to. I’m not actively seeking anyone. I don’t do apps or approach guys. I just guess I don’t understand how I’m supposed to choose better when I’m not really choosing at all. How did you branch out? Any advice on that? I feel like maybe if the opportunity actually presented itself that wouldn’t seem like such a stretch, but I don’t know what I’m doing wrong if I’m the one “choosing” unknowingly.

  23. Honestly I got real with myself and I wrote down a list of what really matters to me in a man AKA non negotiables. For example 1) must be ambitious 2) must be very active (because I am a gym junkie) and 3) must know how to calm me when I'm anxious or validate my emotions when I feel unwell. I tried not to focus on sexual components or appearance because I realized in the past I'd be choosing men based on how well they flirt/our chemistry and whether or not I had "butterflies".

  24. Mine was always brown hair with brown eyes, and more serious less goofy types. My bf has dirty blonde hair and green eyes like me, and he's very nonchalant and goofy at times. But I realized that appearance doesn't matter when you love someones character and he's incredibly funny, supportive, intelligent, and he teaches me new things everyday. I'm very proud of him and I'm glad we are together :)

  25. I suspect your brain alone uses up 300 cal a day. Keeping you alive and functioning takes a good amount of calories! Your body is constantly repairing itself. All your organs have calorie needs. Even if you slept all day, you would still be burning more than 500 a day.

  26. Pretty sure your brain uses more than 20% of total energy your body requires for the day despite being around 2% of a person's total body weight. It's quite amazing.

  27. Sometimes your parents worry about your health. Depends on culture. I have Eastern European family and my mom still asks me about my period and makes sure I track it (she does the same with hers) lol.

  28. They can close their eyes and fantasize about another man or woman. Maybe they find someone else more attractive like their ex?

  29. Snacking at night. It's not healthy nor is it wise to get to bed hungry and ruin your sleep.

  30. Her other pics are very scary (nothing against her as a person). She does the same dead-eye ultra photoshopped look in her selfies

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