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My cat was attacked by a bobcat two weeks ago and had one of his eyes removed. He got his stitches out yesterday and he is doing great! Help me pick out a pirate name for my sweet boy! We’ve been calling him “Billie Eyeless”

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  1. I couldn't see the tail well enough but if it's a swallow, I'm assuming it's a barn swallow rather than a tree one

  2. Before humans cultivated the sheep for shearing wool, how did these sheeps deal with the wool?

  3. It’s sort of similar to how humans bred dogs. For example, wolves maintain and shed their coats just fine, but a Pekingese mix that hasn’t been groomed for a few years

  4. Female leucistic +House sparrow+ and +Yellow-rumped Warbler+

  5. This bird is much too slight to be a House Sparrow, and the bill is much too thin. This is a new world sparrow for sure.

  6. The first is definitely a leucistic sparrow, though my vote would be for Song, Chipping, or Swamp rather than Junco or White-crowned/throated based on body shape, bill shape, and that little patch of wingbarring.

  7. This is used for most bird-focused field work in the USA. For example, if a researcher is quickly tallying all birds that they observed in an area, it’s much faster to write “4MOCH” than “4 Mountain Chickadees.” It’s also very useful when entering data into a database.

  8. Actually, the codes were, and still are, the official codes developed for bird banders in North America. It's not mandatory, but it's also not very hard to learn.

  9. I guess I was classifying bird banders as researchers (I myself am a bird bander)

  10. My heart hurts for the native moths and insects that use those to overwinter

  11. Yes. I have health-related OCD and those posts are extremely triggering for me. I’ve considered leaving this sub a few times

  12. There’s almost no meat on them. It’s not like pork ribs. The best thing to do with deer ribs in my opinion, if a person were to actually keep them, would be to leave them attached to the loin to either make venison lollipops for a special occasion (you’d scrape all the meat off the bone to make it look clean) or a rib roast. Either way you’re getting nothing off the actual ribs, and the main focus is the tenderloin. The ribs are for show.

  13. I would have liked if the series had taken the time to explore how 1A will function within hero society and change it for the better.

  14. Am I getting fucking old?? I legit saw this and was like “seems like only yesterday Deku learned how to use Full Cowling” 😭😭😭

  15. I’m so sorry OP. Thanks so much for caring about this guy. Don’t beat yourself up, you did everything right.

  16. Looks like a fresh injury, likely from a cat or bird of prey. Don’t beat yourself up, OP, thanks for caring :)

  17. His name is Felix. :) I’m not changing his name, just giving him another nickname.

  18. Given that his name is Felix, you could call him Felix Felicis, because that sure is one lucky cat!

  19. He’d be Billy two eyes if he was indoor only 🙃

  20. I’m a complete proponent of indoor only cats, but OP has obviously learned their lesson, and it’s obvious both they and their cat have paid the price already, so maybe lay off on this one? Nothing they can do about it now.

  21. Oh no!! Tick nymphs seem to be out in force recently. I totally thought tick season was over, but I found one on me two weeks ago after some field work, even after wearing three layers due to the frigid temps!

  22. Not nature. Why are you letting your unleashed dog kill native wildlife and risk disease?

  23. They died out after the ice age ended. It would explain why we find massive graveyards where they all died at the same time

  24. Huh? No dude, there is EXCESSIVE evidence that ancient humans hunted mammoths. Just look at the countless cave illustrations in places like France and Spain, not to mention the physical evidence on the bones like I mentioned above.

  25. Oh yeah of course humans hunted mammoths. I just don't think they were responsible for the massive array of megafauna extinctions that took place around that time period

  26. Omg I totally misunderstood your comments, you’re absolutely right, my mistake!! I thought u were saying that humans didn’t hunt mammoths at all, but I understand now

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