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  1. Seems like you made changes to the file. It’s trying to update from the auto1111 git repo, but it can’t because of those changes. Stash your changes using git -stash and let up update (or comment out the git pull command)

  2. I don't get it, I tried REINSTALLING the whole thing on new FOLDER and it I still get the same thing.

  3. Dunno what to tell you, that’s what the error says and means. It’s detecting changes to You can try deleting the whole file and pulling the new code, of manually downloading the code and putting it in your folder

  4. Have you tried with a different model? I typically get an error similar to this if I’m accidentally mixing SD 1.5 and V2 in some way.

  5. I was really bothered by his recent video, where he addressed his 'cancellation' in Mainland China. He showed the clip which is believed to have led to this, and essentially said, "If you like this clip and you support free speech, go buy my new comedy special."

  6. You guys know you can use steroids when you’re a teenager right?

  7. I first created the body in txt2img and then replaced the head with Photoshop. After that, I upscaled it in img2img using low values for "Denoising strength" and "Ultimate SD upscale" scripts. I am not satisfied with the outcome at all.

  8. I'm surprised how many people are falling for Rendon's rage bait. Kaya sumisikat yung tao eh.

  9. Did your antivirus software flag it? I've not heard of anyone having actual problems with a trojan from it.

  10. I'd heard froma youtuber that it has a trojan virus and windows anti virus flagged it for a trojan virus.

  11. Not enough sugar or stabilzers since this is diet. Maybe try adding gelatin or try a different low carb sugar like splenda or erythritol.

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