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  1. if god forbid this happened to me that would be me. I wouldn't want my family having their hands anywhere near a child except one specific cousin that wanted but couldn't have any.

  2. I think best bet would be to hide the baby from them? I mean, don't let them know it existed at all.

  3. I think her partner called her mom for support when they thought it was a medical emergency/ also is on her insurance

  4. Honestly I do. And I notice it the most with people that were the youngest child in their family. They never had to be a caretaker or be but put in charge. So they feel like they lacked control. Any youngest child I’ve met that grew up to want kids has told me insane things that they can’t wait for when raising a kid, I.e. when they yell at their kids to do chores, deciding what they get to wear, approving of who they date, etc.

  5. I think there was one time that Darwin was touched by a death god and to adapt to that, also became a god of death. Incredible power

  6. INFO who’s wedding was this? Your friends or his friends? I’m thinking yours if you were so comfortable publicly embarrassing him.

  7. Agreed, this is what I was thinking. I didn't want staff to worry about a mushroom allergy to avoid cross contaminiation. He says he doesn't like the texture. He's had them inside veggie burgers I made and hasn't noticed.

  8. What are you, an owner sneaking in pills for a dog? What’s your goal here? I came around to liking mushrooms BECAUSE my partner kept making them for himself in different ways and gave me the space to try them in the comfort of my own home. In a safe space. You’re bragging about tricking your partner? What else do you try to sneak past him?

  9. The only “child” I would ever have would be me taking in my 15yo brother if anything were to happen to my parents. And that’s just because I would be the only person he’d have left. I love him dearly, but I cannot wait until he’s 18 and I don’t have to entertain that terrifying theoretical.

  10. My fiancé and I went through a little phase where we left lovey sticky notes for each other, and one time he tried to write “I love you” in Hebrew. It actually said “I love” but I found it very adorable and such a kind gesture when I felt very alone during a high holiday. Now we say “I love” to each other quit often.

  11. Tell that to my fiancé who just lost what he described as his “lifetime job”. He was a top performer and had just scored his hub the biggest bonus they’ve ever seen, and now he he gets none of it.

  12. Congratulations! And thanks for posting about your experience! Mine is next week!

  13. Thank you and good luck!! Best advice I got before mine, bring a pillow to put between you and the seatbelt for the drive home! I know it seems obvious but I didn’t even think about it before

  14. Thank you! Recovery seems to be a breeze so far!

  15. You shouldn’t watch Four Christmases. At first you’re like oh I love this DINK couple they’re so fun, and they have to maneuver four family Christmas celebrations and through all the craziness they SOMEHOW come to the conclusion that they need to start a family. They were so cool in the beginning, knew what they wanted, and did fun crazy things. Apparently that’s wrong /s

  16. Didn’t read the whole thing; wait until you are married to buy property together

  17. I’d rather invest in property before throwing away thousands of dollars on a party and we’ve been together for the better part of a decade. But thanks.

  18. I used to have a lot of dysphoria around being a woman. I didn’t connect to my identity as a woman because I felt kids were expected of me in my life path preordained from society. I had even broken up with a guy I was dating in high school a few days after he talked about having a family together one day. Then just out of the blue I told my therapist, I think I was 16, that I hated that I had to have kids. She just told me, that I didn’t have to. Maybe it was the first time I’d ever heard that as an option and it’s so simple, but that just made it all click. I could choose and try not to. I didn’t have to sit in dread waiting for life to come at me. A few months after that I switched to a more effective birth control, a few after that I found my wonderful CF fiancé, and now 6 years later we’re both getting sterilized this month. And I am proudly a woman, on my terms.

  19. Horror movies. Truly some future classics being made and were made this past year.

  20. I wasn’t eating any fast food or going out to bars and lost like 10 pounds

  21. You’re feelings are completely valid, I’m somewhat in the same boat. I practice pretty much the same and my fiancé is agnostic. However my last name doesn’t really signal to anyone that I’m Jewish. But I still don’t want to change it after marriage, and luckily my fiancé agrees I shouldn’t have to. As women I feel we sometimes are made to give up parts of our identity to be “happy” like last names in a marriage. But I have a very strong love for my identity as an individual and am uncomfortable giving up a piece of myself or changing it to fit someone else’s identity. The other day a friend sent us one of those signs you hang in your house that say “The Smiths” but with my fiancé’s last name. It felt like a punch in the gut, like I was expected to give myself up to be properly unified with him in our home.

  22. This is partly my fear. Everyone’s saying to keep it/hyphenate it but it’s kind of hard because we are both fairly traditional people in standard and that would be a whole different conversation. This post was to see if that conversation is valid and it seems to be.

  23. I just read your update and I understand that he comes from a “traditional” family, that points to passing down his name. Maybe approaching it from his perspective would work best? It seems in many ways you want to pass down your last name for the same reasons they do, but you have, for lack of a better word, the advantage of a strong cultural identity from a dwindling people supporting your reason. You want the name to be carried on because there aren’t many of us left to carry on names at all, whereas they, I assume, just want it carried on.

  24. I actually don’t mind children. I was the babysitting oldest of four, I was a camp counselor, and I’m always the one who tries to make sure they have a good time away from festivities if there’s a wedding or anything. HOWEVER, this involves one of many reasons I am CF. Children deserve happiness and care, and so many people treat them like accessories and like they aren’t real people. The world is scary and hard, and any number of things can happen to children. I find it unethical to create a life and subject it to whatever may happen to them…but the ones that are here deserve to be taken care of, happy, and healthy. Those are little people.

  25. A mohel walks into a bar and orders a drink. The bartender serves him and asks him what he does for work. The mohel explains he handles the circumcisions. The bartender says, “man that must be rough!” The mohel replies, “eh it’s not too bad, I get to keep the tips.”

  26. I for one would be interested in hearing any updates

  27. I should be able to update tomorrow! I can add an edit or a separate update post based on how long it is. My manager said he was talking to her today, but I don’t work until tomorrow. I can ask him what happened then.

  28. Well- you said “maybe” because it was santa based, then changed your answer to “yes” when it became neutral

  29. I will say I was kinda waiting for someone to point this out. And I completely understand, if you look at it from the basis of just the actions, I’m a total hypocrite. But if you look at the motivation, I think that redeems it a little. But I’m obviously biased. Whereas I was trying to incorporate inclusivity, she was offended by it because her culture wasn’t prioritized. I wasn’t trying to prioritize any culture, I was trying to find neutral footing we all could enjoy without essentially being made to all indulge in someone else’s one religion. There are even some people at my work who grew up culturally Christian but don’t identify with the religion at all who love the name change, and I think it’s because they’re so used to having to suck it up and just do Christmas because it’s “what people do”. I’m rambling, but essentially I totally understand your point of view and even agree with you in a way.

  30. Are these really the things that upset our community. Things like Santa make us feel the amplification of anti-semitism?Its awesome the company was positive about making things more inclusive, thats what we want to see...

  31. Hi there! I did put in the first sentence that I wasn’t sure if the post fit this flair, but I still wanted to share. I’m sorry to you that sharing feelings pertaining to my Jewish experience makes me too sensitive. And don’t feel like I should have to experience a direct hate crime to be frustrated. If only there was sub that allowed Jews to talk about these kinda feelings! Also I’m sorry that you’re willing to accept that Christianity will always be the default, but I’m hoping one day that there is no default cultural norm that points to one religion. That the cultural norm is all of us being represented. And if you feel safe making yourself known, like I do at my work, then you can help people reimagine the framework they view the US through.

  32. And if you live in the US your kid is also likely to point a gun at you just like when Chiba Usa showed up

  33. Was talking to some friends about the climate crisis and how humanity has basically been given a deadline around 2050. I asked them how they felt about knowingly bringing kids into what would be a limited time frame, possibly cutting their kids’ lives tragically short via ecological disaster. They told me the gift of life was worth living no matter how long. Barf.

  34. Gimme 50 bucks I’ll delete any app you want

  35. Don't think the first part (i.e. about the 10 year ban on the Law of Return) is anti-semitic, but it is pretty fucking stupid.

  36. She’s assuming every Jewish person is well off? It seems like she’s promoting stereotypes that all Jewish people are rich or money hoarders which is rooted in stereotypes of us controlling the economy and market.

  37. My own father doesn’t even believe it. He’s not Jewish, my mother is, and they’ve been split up for 15 years or so but yeah. Was on a call with him the other day and I expressed concern for it and he didn’t believe me, said I was acting paranoid.

  38. Can anyone recommend a good brand for an XBOX gaming headset with a mic? I wasn’t really allowed to play video games growing up so I’m not familiar with durable brands and I’m trying to get one for fiancé

  39. I told my breeder friend that her and her husband should hold off having a kid for ONE year until they can afford to buy a house and aren’t renting and she looked at me like I had three eyes. Suddenly an affordable, stable, and safe place to live is infringing on her “right to make a child”

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