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  1. To answer your question about pic 3: yes, it’s typical for roosters in this situation to get very aggressive. When there are a disproportionate number of roosters to hens, the roosters become extra territorial and aggressive because they are fighting for breeding rights with the hens. For a flock the size of the Bowmars, ideally they should have no more than 2-3 roosters.

  2. I check this sub every day hoping to see a good update on Lucky ♥️ She looks so beautiful and happy, thank you for taking such good care of her!

  3. This is exactly what happened at Iowa State University during their VIESHA festival in 2014. Rioters pulled down a street post and it knocked someone out. No more VIESHA.

  4. I appreciate her independence. She seems to have immersed herself into having a life in India. It’s too bad she’s done it for the wrong person.

  5. Our agency is having an issue with people abusing telework to take care of their kids on a daily basis (not just the occasional instance like having a sick kid at home). It’s gotten to a point that all employees might lose teleworking entirely which is very frustrating.

  6. Lol it’s better than my husband with ADD who just lets me stand there without even acknowledging me/introducing me to someone I don’t know. 😅

  7. She says in the comments that the hen was in a nesting box that the other chickens couldn’t reach. I don’t understand how other chickens couldn’t reach it? In the video, she’s literally grabbing the chicken from the nesting box and there are chickens roosting above her. Chickens are obsessed with the color red and if there is blood from a wound (like there clearly was in this case), chickens will do just about anything to be able to peck at the blood. That’s one of the MANY reasons you should separate a sick/injured chicken from the rest of the flock. Like OP said, the chicken was being tortured.

  8. Do you have blue cross blue shield insurance? They offer free telephone counseling which is quick and easy to set up. Just call them on the back of your health insurance card!!

  9. I do have BCBS. I didn’t know they had that, I’ll have to check it out. Thank you!

  10. Have you tried going through FLEOA?

  11. I thought ERC completed Magna already! I have been checking reviews on it recently

  12. I don’t understand why she wears them so low??

  13. Her long lash extensions will hit the lenses if she wears the glasses correctly.

  14. How are they baiting? Sorry I know nothing about hunting so just curious what this means!

  15. Certain states have particular rules when it comes to baiting wildlife for hunting purposes. In the Bowmar case, they were hunting in Nebraska which says you can bait wildlife but you can only kill the wildlife if they’re 200+ yards away from the bait. The Bowmars did not follow the distance rule, they were shooting them within the baiting “zone.”

  16. Enjoyed Big Timber, but alas was only 2 seasons on Netfix.

  17. This is how my husband is! He’ll complain when I put it on but then get sucked into it and needs to know everyone’s story.

  18. Mollie Tibbetts (god awful story. beautiful girl 🙏🏼)

  19. Holy crap, I had no idea so many pc have covered this story! I’ll have to check one out, I’m from around where this happened at.

  20. OP - totally agree with the ones you mentioned. Especially Tylenol and the Rogers.

  21. French bulldog. Poor small creature is literally in heavy breathing all day, coz people wanted create small fatty pillow that looks cute.

  22. I was on a flight with my husband who has a ruptured disc in his lower back so obviously flying was not comfortable for him. The only thing that slightly helped his comfort level was to recline the chair slightly. We got to altitude on our 3 hour flight and he went to recline the chair only for it to not move. I looked behind his chair and there was a man slouched down in his seat intentionally pushing his knees up against the back of my husband’s chair so he couldn’t recline at all. 🙄

  23. Very great read. I feel like I’ve lived the words you’ve written and it makes me feel terrible. Excellent work!

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