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  1. When did Rick and Morty have a consistent narrative progress? It was always like one episode per whole season that covered the "main storyline". People act like rick and morty has always been story driven instead of episodic.

  2. Why did they officially release the bootleg on streaming platforms tho? They clearly removed it by now, but I clicked on the RYM spotify link and it's still showing up, just grayed out.

  3. If it’s not the right job for you, you don’t have to go. You can just block their number if it came to it. Yes it’s not very polite but you don’t work for them yet and you don’t really owe them anything

  4. Yeah, but the job itself is really good, especially for people with social anxiety. I'm just scared of the interview

  5. How is therapy in yooour country? I think that's your first step.

  6. It sucks. I tried many times, but mental health in general is extremely overlooked here.

  7. I agree. Also, NoFap is a great tool for people with porn addictions, but it isn't a cure for anxiety or depression. If you feel absolutely horrible after only wanking it once a week, the issuse is probably something else.

  8. Just do a bunch of stuff. Do you have any hobbies? (like playing an instrument or something)? Beimg bored was the reason for my relapses during the 90 day challenge, so if you keep yourself busy, you shouldn't really have that many problems.

  9. Keep in mind that Nofap is not "anti-masturbation" or anti-sexual desires". Thinking or dreaming about sexual stuff shouldn't be a bad thing. Nofap is a 90 day challenge trying to treat people with porn addiction, so as long as you don't watch any porn or masturbate during the challenge, you're good.

  10. It's actually incorrect, bit I did reach 90 days from November to January. After that, I decided to do it in moderation without porn (once a week to keep things in balance).

  11. I think there's definitely a connectiom between acne and ejaculating. I always get terrible breakouts after relapsing.

  12. How to disappear completely, Nude, Weird fishes, Daydreaming, No surprises

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