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  1. The Prescott Junior High Reading Proficiency rate is ~18% (stat from the 2020-2021 school year). ~82% of these 5th and 6th graders cannot read at grade level.

  2. I never even thought about what the reading level required for the Bible would be depending on translation honestly. This is interesting to know and think about as I myself am Christian never really put that much thought into reading level. The older I get though the more I research into my own religion and others honestly.

  3. I talk to myself a lot when I'm alone, so not really. I do get anxious after several days in isolation though.

  4. Leave your parents alone, they want to enjoy their retirement with each other as a couple. Find some other way to occupy your time. It’s normal to want to spend some time with your family but not all the time, no. You should be spending most of your time with your own SO.

  5. My mom is not retired, I don’t try to spend time with them all the time, and I don’t have an SO. Thanks though.

  6. Did you ever post this anywhere else and find the answer because I’m having the same issue on my iPad.

  7. I'd feel completely recovered one month and then boom, I feel guilt after eating and think of ed thoughts for no reason. it comes and goes back, maybe small sensations that don't quite stick out trigger something in our brains to think that way. this could be seasonal changes, other people around us, changes in environment etc. brains are complicated

  8. Last time I knew what the trigger was. Coworkers around me we’re losing weight in different ways. This time I’m not so sure. Sometimes it just feels like the wind could blow the wrong way and trigger my thoughts honestly.

  9. I hope your hometown gets a lot of help and support. There’s a lot of clean up in my area I couldn’t imagine an EF-5.

  10. I can fix this with just surface cleaning right? Like it wouldn’t require taking it apart and cleaning contacts or anything?

  11. No, you'd have to take the back cover off (screws, be super careful of the rear camera ribbon cable), locate the sleep switch and soak some rubbing alcohol into it, then work the switch back and forth. That usually sorts out these things.

  12. Yup. I’m surprised, like, well, apparently that’s what I look like. It’s weird that I have a body and a face at all, I feel more like a floating mind that just moves through space, and why would a floating mind have a face attached to it, much less the particular one I’m looking at right now.

  13. I have to wonder if this is not what NTs experience? Is this not normal? I too am often surprised by what I look like honestly.

  14. I feel like i look into my own soul every time I look in the mirror and do not recognize myself

  15. Depends on what you are wanting to do, just show up and start volunteering. There will be plenty of organizations in place where you can offer your services. Or you can call the red cross.

  16. I called the Red Cross and they say they don’t need any new volunteers as they have all their trained people out already, but they did say that I can sign up to be trained for other disasters in the future.

  17. Lmao, why? it's not like we have a choice. They're literally taking the option away from us, and at least this way, you save a few bucks.

  18. I think I read this wrong the other day in all honesty. I read this as price increase as in 3ds systems will become more expensive. Not as piracy. My bad. Piracy is good in my opinion as that is our only option now.

  19. Ah, that makes sense. The price increase is real tho 🥴 It's getting hard to find a fucking 2ds in good condition that isn't over $100 for God's sake.

  20. Just get another sd card for the memory pit exploit, if you don't want to do that, here is a wiki with all the exploits

  21. Almost certainly yes. Downloads for the old Wii Shop Channel still work and Nintendo even fixed them last year after they broke. Did take several months though. I suspect the 3DS servers will be fine for Downloads after the rush ends.

  22. So like, will I be able to download the games I have bought after it closes? Because it keeps failing do to how many people are on the server. I bought twilight Princess for my last game and I really don’t want to lose my money…

  23. My mom NEVER let me have this. I would have probs gotten it everywhere anyway 🤣🤣🤣

  24. Dude happy meals were $2 when I was little? Wow. I never paid attention to price in these ads

  25. I think they actually have to don’t they? Like cuz it spreads and makes more tissue die?

  26. How old is your niece? This isn’t acceptable behaviour in general though and your niece should discourage from continuing it.

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