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  1. An unforgivable actions, But an unforgettable YouTuber. Goodbye Ultima Almighty, even though the things that you did is fucked up and broked my heart, but please, change your life man.

  2. check cpu temps, check cpu speed (does it suddenly drop due to thermal throttling?), open up your laptop and make sure it is free of dust. Consider replacing the thermal paste if temps are an issue. Update drivers, bios, reinstall windows.

  3. Is this line in or bluetooth ? Do you have backups of either ? The only time windows knows a problem exists is if there is a conflict or it can test that system windows can’t hear. There could be a few problems is it possible something is muted ? What audio program do you have ?

  4. My audio program is Realtek, im not on Bluetooth, and idk what backups are you talking about.

  5. is this a laptop or pc where are you plugging it in in the back of the pc or front

  6. Any of soldiers banners, the mackerel, the disciplinary action, the holiday punch, the rocket jumper and, the sticky jumper

  7. Dude the whip fucking hurts irl. So it is useful for combat at least

  8. I find scout my most annoying and fun class to play. Once you get that beautiful meatshot? Oousgsshsjzb it feels like having sex. But once you take damage? Run away! Cuz your a class with 125 health and once you below 100 your basically fucked!

  9. Visually, it aged really well and the graphics still looks pretty okay even for today's standards.

  10. You can also watch tutorials on youtube... Or download training maps like tr_walkway to improve your aim.

  11. Yes. People screaming in pain is just too much for me. And the fact that people fetish this is just a WoW moment.

  12. I know standing in a middle of the road where there are speeding cars is fucking stupid but seeing the guy thats just grieving over his bud is just pretty sad man...

  13. I've seen messed up shit but this is beyond fucked up. This guy has ascended to another level.

  14. As an Asian... Why does people use toilet paper instead of water... Im saying this to the rest of the world that uses toilet paper to clean their asshole off. Like, using water to clean your ass is like more satisfying and efficient. Since you don't have to worry about losing them. In my perspective at least

  15. This anime man... I thought it was just another anime with highschool girls with big boobas, superpowers, repetitive tropes and stuff (kinda true?). But its more deep than that.

  16. No, the stairs are used for stair-sliding and gaining vertical velocity while maintaining horizontal one

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