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  1. Yo, you got another Ceruledge or Charcadet with a malicious armor.

  2. Don’t listen to this dude. Porn is a major factor . Don’t let him deceive . U are young and have a better chance of recovering fast . Just give yourself a couple of months without porn. Porn has nothing better to offer. Go out there and get yourself a woman. It’s better to than to watch other people doing the f..king . Exercise more and just abstain from porn and jerking off . It’s hard but just take it one day at a time

  3. I definitely I have to agree, porn is the problem. It does suck I can’t my favorite pornstars and want to have a glance at least…but what sucks more is the inability to have an erection and not make love to the person I actually get interact with and knows my existence. It’s incredibly challenging and I really hope I’m on the right path to fix it. The times I had Jerk-off session recently, I lubed up, loosen my grip, and took it slow. I just tried to focus on the feeling. While I did relapsed, I tried to take a different approach with it in hope that I make it sensitive enough for it to not take much contact for an erection to happen in the future.

  4. I can’t tell you how many times I was late to events because of slow drivers. It’s okay when you’re going 5-10 mph slower but it get ridiculous when you’re going 45 in a 65. If you’re not in a work vehicle or big vehicle like tractor trailers then the driver needs to stay off the highway.

  5. People speeding at 20-30 mph above the speed limit just because they’re in the fast lane. It’s interesting to see how quickly those clowns slow down as soon as they see a cop.

  6. Ngl that used to be me few years ago but then I got a RD ticket and seen younger drivers getting into horrible crashes because of it in my area. I hate to be responsible for seriously injuring or taking a life away because of my stupid decision. Now I just leave out earlier and go with the flow of traffic. Waking up and leaving earlier isn’t so bad when that thought is drilled in your brain.

  7. That’s what they do. It’s honestly inhumane and unsettling that they chose themselves and a scam company over your health. They prey upon the most vulnerable people they can find and suck them into the same thing they’re doing. Had many Amway/LTD approach me when they knew I was at my lowest point after having financial trouble. They know you’ll agree to anything that will potential change your life around but they know it’ll add more stress. They don’t care, as long as they see their income rising. Had a guy wanted me to sacrifice my time to come to pointless meetings and trips. Tried to tell me that I’ll more time for my family when it was the opposite.

  8. The products ARENT cheaper than the products you buy in stores. They are dreadfully expensive, like $11 for a small bottle of shampoo. They will try to tell you that they are “concentrated”. And you have to spend something like $600 a month to maintain the deal, which is way more than most people would spend normally, so you end up spending all your money on stuff you wouldnt buy if you weren’t in Amway.

  9. I see, thank you for that. That’s more of a reason to not join them. The thing that made me raise an eyebrow was that the speaker claimed he mentor someone that have seen their energy drinks outside of Amway because his cousin used them. Apparently, his cousin was Cam Newton. Yes, the same Cam Newton that is in the NFL and claimed he was using their products while playing for the Carolina Panther. The speaker claimed not only do they partner with companies but they also partner with various athletics. After the BS I heard before that, I have a hard time believing that. It could be true but I’m not convinced till I see it for myself or if someone tells me outside of Amway that’s true.

  10. If the products were saleable they would retail.

  11. 100% agree, I do believe the products are just a distraction and their way of giving back so you don’t feel like being seen as an income to them, which you are to them btw. It’s also just the fact they said it’s only exclusive to members and won’t ever hit the shelves in stores. It’s all about them getting money from their mentees and the videos they force you to watch. The jist of every single video is “working 9-5 is bad, but being an entrepreneur is good.”

  12. One of the best advice I’ve gotten was never tell your job too much of your personal life. They will use it against you when it benefits them. One of my former managers made that clear when we got into a disagreement that ended in a non-professional manner. Had a friend who was told he would be nothing because of his metal illness by his mangers. He cried and they didn’t care. That’s when it clicked in my head. It’s a business to them, we’re just bodies and numbers to them. I stopped feeling bad when things go wrong for companies that don’t care for their employees. This included me calling out. My excuse is “I have a family emergency.” If they ask what is it, I tell them “it’s personal”. It is MY BUSINESS. Managers tell me its a business at the end of the day. My response is just like you have to handle THIS business, I have to handle MY business. The same job was upset when I called out the first time within a year of working there because I had too much college homework to get done. The only thing they said was that “well that’s going to be a point on your record.” The same job also gave me two weeks to recover from COVID or i’d be fired. I needed longer because my respiratory is weak with my health issues. They really asked me to come in and do a 10min CBT, while I was sick to stay employed. Came back before the two weeks and put a two weeks notice in. I could’ve been rehired but I would lose all my benefits and have to start over, I barely was getting any. Screw that, know your self-worth and know that your end-goal is to become a better version of yourself. Don’t fall to their level or fall for their tactics. Many jobs will make you feel insecure to keep you around because they don’t want to train new people or pay them more. Do what you can and go home. Relax yourself and don’t think about the negativity. I’ve been feeling the same way for years and slowly been getting better by changing my daily routine and ignoring what I can’t control. As long you know you’re a good worker, that’s all that matters. They can’t fire you as long as you follow the policy and do good work. If they still say anything, take It to higher up or search for another job that will appreciate you before you quit. Sorry for the long rant, but I’m passionate about mental health and I hope this answer more than what you ask for. Everyone, please love yourself and love the people that care about you.

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