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  1. “ You know.. the more I hear about this Hitler guy.. the less I care for him.. “ - Norm Macdonald

  2. Infelizmente não vou no do Rio, vou no de São Paulo ): você tá no grupo do Facebook de FJM? Tem alguns fãs brasileiros lá, talvez seja mais fácil de achar companhia

  3. Beleza! Qualquer coisa pode perguntar, espero que você consiga achar alguém por aqui hehe :)

  4. What a cute bird. I don’t know the answer to your question, but even if you remove it, she might continue to nest there since she has been successful. I understand that having a nest so near isn’t always pleasant for you, but I would feel honored if a bird felt comfortable enough to build a nest by my house. So I vote yes, “embrace them as a family”! Good luck to you.

  5. Great Kiskadee was the other probable one, hard to tell without a good side view. But yes, both are very common so the same still applies.

  6. Ano passado eu estava dando aula particular todos os dias para tres crianças do inferno com uma mae narcisista maluca. Não compensava. Depois que eu larguei eles (tive que literalmente mentir que teve morte na familia porque ela me manipulava para ficar) eu percebi que nao voltaria NEM PELO DOBRO do salário. Então eu recomendo você procurar um estagio na faculdade, outro emprego de babá ou ate algo free lance. Nao compensa você se fuder por causa de gente maluca não.

  7. Eu to num esquema bem assim. Ela é o tipo passivo-agressiva que acha que eu não aceitar ser desrespeitada por ela e pelo filho é incompetência/despreparo. Vai fazer dois meses e é quase todo dia um show na casa, fora o que ela faz por mensagem. Eu tinha saído de um trabalho de telemarketing pra esse por causa do horário e tô notando que o preço pra minha sanidade tá caro.

  8. Cara eu sei bem o que vc ta passando kkk a mae dos meus alunos me xingou pq eu nao conseguia “controlar” os filhos dela (de 10 e 12 anos) dizendo coisas “se você é professora e não consegue controlar eles aqui imagina 30 numa sala?” MINHA SENHORA EU NAO TRABALHO NUMA ESCOLA NAO

  9. Im so sad my kid is disabled... anyway let me make a tiktok about it 💀💀💀💀

  10. Uma coisa otima pra você aprender agora que ja sabe ingles é mandar os outros tomarem no cu e ignorar. Sua qualidade de vida vai melhorar 79%

  11. I am in early game and pretty disappointed to find out that there aren’t unbreakable tools

  12. Yes and funny enough I am in a relationship. My daydream partners always offer what the real life partner lacks.

  13. I dont think someone saying life is worth living counts as gaslighting but you do you.

  14. 2x what I make still wont pay all my bills might as well work on whatever I am now lol

  15. I remember my mom being tired and not wanting to talk to me after coming home from work. I dont want to do that to someone else

  16. I feel some books are acquired taste. I finished war and peace recently and two or three years ago I would have found it unimaginable. Try short stories of said authors first, see what you like. Pick up a small novel... then a bigger one and move from there. Of course that if it doesnt work it doesn’t... dont read something just because you feel like you should. But I totally get what you say by “in my mind I want to read books like...” Audiobooks also help a little... and many great authors are already public domain so you can find it on the librivox app. Try listening on the commute to get used to the style.

  17. As a teacher using zoom for two insufferable years now I agree a bit. Students who don’t even bother to open their cameras (I teach ADULTS by the way) make me want to tell em: why even bother show up if you’re not going to participate? Its hard to have a conversation with blank. Its almost like teaching a class over the phone... insufferable

  18. It's none of your business to see people or what they are doing when you teach online. They are at home. Learn to value peoples privacy. You get paid to show yourself.

  19. I dont care for what they are doing for they shouldnt be doing anything other than paying attention to class. Its a serious course, I teach adults and teachers aren’t just “getting payed to show ourselves” it is a whole dynamic that involves interaction and a minimal responsibility towards the student teacher relationship. Its not about people’s privacy, its about the teaching process. I dont give a damn about their privacy because it is a study environment.

  20. Im F and every conversation I start with people here dies after 30 min or less. Its so stupid and makes me feel like I must be the most boring person in the world.

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