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  1. Beautiful, but I can't help noticing an objectionable lack of Ariel in this picture.

  2. I did this thing, it worked, I'm an expert in everything now.

  3. It would be great a great idea if there was proper back support

  4. Yeah but pets (cats especially) want to be exactly between your back and its support, so.

  5. My only objection to the name is the potential awkwardness if he ever runs into some scrawny chihuahua called Zed.

  6. Im still having trouble distinguishing can you be more specific in your descriptions

  7. The main difference between a crocodile is that both of its eyes look the same, especially the left one.

  8. As per the ear pointiness factor, caracals are the horsiest horses of all and Vulcans are centaurs.

  9. This could happen if you stare into the sun with your third eye.

  10. Yo sé de un par de lugares, pero quedan todos en 1992.

  11. St Helens is the rare case where even if the eruption hadn't been thoroughly documented, you can tell how terrifying it was just from how it looks now.

  12. The official language of Eurpe is Eurp. The anthem involves a lot of belching.

  13. Thought it was some 60s tribute band name for a sec there.

  14. Looking like weirdly appropriate hippo tusks, if a little on the fluo side.

  15. Con todo respeto, pero yo me atrevo a decir lo que se me canta la argolla. O te voy a pedir permiso a vos, que no entendés nada? Desde la época del turco que los precios están en dólares y se mide en dólares. A principio de año estábamos a precios de 2009 y ahora no sé pero es probable que también estén por ahí. Y es verdad que se oferta a un 30% de lo publicado.

  16. Giggling at the idea of OP pasting this into GT and wondering what kind of eldritch enchantment "I dare to say what the hoop sings itself to me" is supposed to be.

  17. Part cute, part "What 2015 Witch black goat devilry is this".

  18. I used to rent a room until the house it was in served briefly as a torch.

  19. For some reason, Patton Oswalt's Death Bed bit comes to mind:

  20. The doggo view on people handling food, any food: "Y hoomins playin wid mah fuds"

  21. Seattle, SF, Portland... so enamored with their sunk cost, all of them. Probably misreading it as "Sun Coast" in the first place.

  22. Credit where it's due, the model choice for that line was flawless.

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