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  1. Going bad potatoes have such a distinctive smell. I hate it.

  2. If I have ever bitten into a bad bit of potato, after it is cooked, it tastes to me exactly the same as the smell of the gangrene in my Aunt's legs and fingers before they were cut off! Bloody awful!

  3. I can't stand hearing people eat. To the point where if my husband sits down with food near me, he won't start eating until I turn the TV on. 🙂

  4. An honest but not serious answer, have a mental breakdown/burnout! 3 years on and it seems like I've lost the ability to mask and there are some times when I could really do with it. I didn't even know I was masking until it was gone.

  5. Sigh I didn’t forge their signatures. The document I filled out didn’t require it. I just had to fill out their first and last name on the annual form and put it in the binder. A signature was required in the initial training and that was all good to go.

  6. You think people would get all that without having to point out every single detail!

  7. Can relate. I keep a small tube of toothpaste and a small tube of Lanacaine in my backpack. Toothpaste for teeth, obviously. Lanacaine for soothing sore butt skin from too much wiping (I have ibs - tmi, I know, but necessary info for story). I accidentally grabbed the Lanacaine and brushed my teeth with it. 🤮

  8. I kick people out for drawing, shouting, being disruptive. Also, remember people are sometimes hosting for quite some time. During this time, even if you have no kids written on your room description, they come in and start talking, throwing popcorn, writing, drawing shit etc during whatever you are showing. This is very annoying so your patience gets less and you start to kick as soon as someone starts any disruptive behaviour.

  9. Same. Where I live, the pier is longer than a mile, because that is how far the tide goes out, and I walk to the very end with all the wind buffeting me about and it feels...better

  10. I used to live by the sea and spent a lot of time there, just staring out but have moved to Canada, not anywhere near the sea. So as much as we can, we go to somewhere so I can just sit and be near or in the sea.

  11. These are one and dones aren't they? At least they are in my house, never to be found again! 🤨😀

  12. When I have veg, or should I say, when I remember the veg like that, it usually is too late to use fresh as it is wilting from neglect, so I make a soup. Throw it all on, because there is always more than one thing, of course.

  13. Not just yet, still looking for someone to provide medication management and takes my insurance. Hopefully sooner than later. Same deal with deleting apps—I deleted my FB app and only check it online maybe once a week, which I’m proud of myself for. TikTok is what I need to get rid of but it’s a struggle.

  14. If you are in Canada, Ontario or one other province also (can't remember which one), there is a web service called TalkwithFrida.

  15. I bought a cricut but then haven't opened it because I am 'decorating' a room to become a craft room. 2 years later see tgat room full of junk, yep.

  16. This makes me want to rethink not setting up my sewing machine I bought a month ago, which I have been waiting on because I don't have a "proper space for crafts". 😅 Perhaps I will never have a proper space for crafts and should just find a random spot for it like everything else.

  17. I also have a brand new sewing machine I got for last Christmas, still in the box. Same issue!

  18. I bought 3 big lidded laundry baskets to organise the laundry into whites, colours and woollens/delicates. At least one of them is now just an empty lidded platform that elevates the laundry heap to a more prominent and visual position in a massive fuck you at my attempts to tame it

  19. I bought a pineapple shaped laundry basket just because but wanted it for when I had finished the decorating I started.

  20. I have recently just started telling people "If you both talk I hear but don't listen to either of you", I am at the fuck it stage, if they don't stop after that I don't even try. 😀

  21. Just having an Iron IV, trying to read that 'how to keep house while drowning' but listening to my machine beep, the lady talking to the nurse next to me, her machine beeps, the tape being pulled off from a roll and a distant radio! Good times!

  22. Get them to watch Dr Barkley on youtube. He is am ADHD specialist and an advocate for medicating children, adults etc. He explains things well.

  23. Peace love joy and hope to you and OP-- from a 54-year old just getting help, now

  24. Oh good, I was feeling bad about the boxes I packed for storage in 2015 and haven’t opened since then, even though we’ve been in our permanent house for 3 years now and they’re just collecting dust in the garage!

  25. So many of our symptoms can be construed as cheeky and funny, chaotic. No one talks about how insanely frustrating it is to constantly be looking for things. Things I just had in my hand, now inexplicably gone. It makes me crazy. It's not funny or annoying. It's absolutely maddening to NEVER know where anything is.

  26. It drives me crazy too, but I think taking a breath to laugh at ourselves while talking about it here can help!

  27. Well done! I have a few of those before rooms unfortunately, that's what happens when you decide to reno the whole house at once, start and then...well you know the rest!

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