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  1. I've had quite a few travellers who have had to vacate their homes for various reason and bring their cats to the hotel with them.

  2. Solution to losing cat in hotel room; bell collar, greenies, and a cardboard box.

  3. The shapes... the colors... the shadows... it's looks like the most delicious frosting that doesn't exist... I want it

  4. Why did your sister do it? Also put crumbs in her bed and take her chargers.

  5. Goood, kill it, kill it now, Let the hate flow through you and eliminate the creature. And by that I mean the spider. Fuck that thing. Don't, it probably enjoys that.

  6. It wouldve been way funnier if you said you ment the sister

  7. Pink, red, covered in sparkles, and shaving cream. Can’t melt that.

  8. You can, glitter has a higher melting point than soap. About 100° F more than soap. Shaving cream also wouldn't really harm melting the soap. I ment she could just put the shavings in a soap base tho

  9. He sounds like a typical discord mod if I'm going to be honest. It would be best if you get out of there, his attitude won't change towards women and himself unless he goes through some sort of realization. Mainly the realization that he would be way more attractive and a way lot happier if he stopped wallowing in his own self pity.

  10. Man looks far from Korean and looks more like irl momo that decided to get filler

  11. Controversial on reddit, but I also wouldn’t count video games as a hobby🙃 nothing wrong with playing them, but I wouldn’t date someone if the only thing they ever did in their spare time was video games

  12. So um... would building homes in Animal Crossing not count as a hobby...?

  13. Sorry it’s fun but no 😭 most hobbies are applicable to real life, crocheting/knitting > creating items, sports > becoming fit and healthy, learning languages > communicate with people and learn culture, etc etc. Video games are like watching movies, nice to wind down but not a hobby and people need more of an outlet

  14. There's something I have been meaning to ask girls, those with abnormal boob's are they heavy 🤧

  15. I've personally never noticed they have always been like this, I have weighed them before, so about 2lbs per boob.

  16. Me please! I'm on a decreasing and waited too long to find out.

  17. You think you've been decreasing, mine has been in the 60s since two weeks ago!

  18. Hummus and Guac are absolutely thriving. They’ve taken to wet food - they’re no longer covered in fleas and riddled with worms. They’ve started playing with each other, and their sibling. We also have their mama and two other siblings in care now, it’s been a rough road for them too - but it’s starting to look up for them now, too! Everyone still has a long (and expensive road) to go, but we are optimistic. ❤️❤️ If you’d like to follow their journey - our Instagram is

  19. I must say... those names... are immaculate. Beautiful.

  20. Its much prettier in the winter with the shit ton of lights out and snow.

  21. Yea, she mad that they're prettier than her, she get no dikh

  22. Do you have doubles? I'm desperately trying to find cute villagers

  23. It would make mores sense if he’s just trying to keep you from picking at his zits lol

  24. WTF I live in Wisconsin and I know not to touch a jellyfish.

  25. I’m scared to swim in any body of saltwater bc of the jellyfish, although I find the way jellyfish jiggle satisfying, it’s like an alien. Does anyone know what type of jellyfish that is anyway.

  26. Is no one gonna say anything bout the fact that the monkey was being choked out?

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