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When you follow your heart, love is the answer

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AEW Dynamite last night on TBS (8-10pm): 954,000 viewers P18-49 rating: 0.33

I'm in this with you.

When you follow your heart, love is the answer

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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. Lee Johnson having a conversation with Waldo and his friend

  2. I like how loud and rumbling the ring sounds.

  3. Where was this thread because I was looking for it all day?

  4. Vince Sr. died roughly a year before the first Wrestlemania so he sadly didn't. He did live long enough to see Hogan become champ and the beginnings of Hulkamania.

  5. I'm waiting for the slow transition of Ethan Page into Ethan Hardy

  6. not last year so probably not this year. However, IF you are already paying a basic cable package that package has an app, and that app gets WPIX. So I have Optima. Optima has a TV app for my phone. Any channel I'm paying for I can stream on that app. So I get the SNY and WPIX games that way

  7. They kind of went back and forth with the PIX games, they initially weren't showing Spring training games then seemed to put them on after public pressure. During the season they tended to show them but I remember odd occasions where it'd sometimes take an hour to show on the SNY App. Either way it feels needlessly complicated and should be part of the SNY app especially since their broadcast is basically an extension of the channel.

  8. Watching baseball games is needless complicated. So to watch all Met games this year I will need, SNY, WPIX, Apple TV ESPN?, MLBTV, Amazon, Paramount? and am I missing any?

  9. I keep trying to figure out who JT Realmuto reminded me of and I think it’s Chris Bassitt?

  10. As a wrestling fan he looks like Claudio Castagnoli aka Cesaro.

  11. QTV is an unfunny version of the TMZ parody in Popstar.

  12. I find it amusing but it shouldn't go longer than a month and Wardlow should destroy it after weeks of them talking shit about him.

  13. Meltzer with the biggest self-own leaving out the biggest piece of info that Punk was hurt, I have no idea why he'd jump the gun like that but its such a bad look for him. It's so odd looking back because so much of Punk's run after MJF played out oddly on-screen but I rolled with it. The TV match with Moxley that was basically a squash was so strange to watch unfold.

  14. Buck watched the Karate Kid and probably Cobra Kai confirmed

  15. I think its interesting that Triple H who by most accounts refrained from alcohol except for special occasions was in these commercials around 2006 for Miller Lite.

  16. 2Point0 are secretly trying to hire their replacements ao they can quit the JAS

  17. I don't even think that was a heel move from Maria there, if you have an opportunity to scissor Max Caster you take it.

  18. Matt Taven reminds me of Bill from Bill and Ted

  19. Trunks era Cena was definitely not on an upward trajectory. Cena was not a hot prospect like Orton, lesnar, or even Batista were. He didn’t get his main roster career off on the right foot, but that was one year of struggle followed by twenty years of success at a legendary level.

  20. It was honestly a few months before he caught on with the rapper gimmick and he slowly worked his way up the card. Cena from 2002-05 was a good example of how you build a guy up.

  21. Shows how abbreviated last year's spring training was that they only played 14 games.

  22. The design is legit but it depends on what they were using at the time to make shirts. Even now you can go on ShopAEW and find some Jurassic Express shirts with Gildan tags.

  23. Correct for the east coast, curious to see the numbers for a Saturday show.

  24. I'm still thinking the new ropes were just for Vikingo and they'll probably be back to black next week. We'll see though I guess

  25. As much as the red white and blue ropes look more cohesive to the overall theme I hope they go back to black ropes or even pick one color as different rope colors break my concentration. They could go blue for Dynamite, orange for Rampage, black for the Dark shows, and red for ROH and you'd have distinctive looks for all the shows.

  26. Oh yeah that’s true, I forgot we ended up with Medium rare Cody that night, poor guy lol

  27. Probably his lowest point the past few years to do a burning table spot that was forgotten about and get burned in the process.

  28. Ruby Soho was in the women's world title match on PPV three weeks ago.

  29. I have no idea what they're talking about regarding Ruby because she's been at the center of their main women's storyline and has been treated fairly well when healthy. Toni has also had a pretty good spot and had a good run with the women's championship to the point people were campaigning for it not to be forgotten with the interim label.

  30. Imagine messing up your guaranteed 6 figure salary for Punk, imagine that? These wrestlers have every right to put themselves first over Punk shitty attitude. Tony has like 10 more companies that make him more money than AEW, then have someone screw his passionate project with his main eventers because of one man.

  31. And its looking past the risk/reward of a guy who's had 2 injuries during his time there and did what he did when they basically crowned him in his hometown. You can't tie all your fortunes to one guy like so many people want with Punk if you want a viable company. If people were only tuning into AEW exclusively for CM Punk thats not a sustainable model for success to me.

  32. Said it before but I think AEW could do with matches ending in DQs or count-outs. It makes matches like Jon Moxley vs Stu Grayson and Skye Blue vs Toni Storm not seem like foregone conclusions. They do them so little that I was genuinely surprised that Dustin Rhodes got a DQ win over Swerve recently.

  33. I thought this was an interesting article about Matt Hardy's thoughts on the upcoming Saturday night show. Thinks Elevation can be used as the taping for that show and it can build up people like Lee Moriarty or Skye Blue.

  34. I hate that on YouTube they list this as Triple H vs Goldust when its really Jean-Paul Levesque vs Dustin Rhodes.

  35. If I were in charge of Tropicana Field all water fountains would dispense Tropicana orange juice. It'd be a total waste of money but it'd be a draw for coming to a park that looks like a Costco warehouse.

  36. Rays announcers loving on Max. Stats and Anderson very easy guys to listen to.

  37. Reading this, my first impression is how dumb the interim title thing was. Clearly, it seems like the wrestlers didn't like it. I get Tony took it from UFC, but pro wrestling isn't the UFC.

  38. I feel like the interim thing is done for now because this was causing problems with the women as well and has been recently brought up in a promo by Toni Storm when she turned heel.

  39. One thing to point out is how many more promos they are doing. When is the last time we have even heard Omega speak? I think it was when we challenged death triangle? He had like 3 different moments where he spoke last night as they were building the story. Having cliffhangers and giving wrestlers the chance to speak against each other is what actually builds momentum to increase weekly viewership.

  40. Its booking Dynamite as a story based TV show that hooks people to watch next week. I don't even mind more wrestling heavy episodes but we were getting a bit too much of them with not enough intrigue. The PPVs also stand out more when its pure wrestling.

  41. Warner is giving the failing AEW 2 new shows.

  42. So many takes in those threads when it doesn't hit 1 million feel very obviously bad faith.

  43. Its brigaded to hell as soon as its posted, expect to see CM Punk gifs if the number is below a million from people who don't care about AEW in the first place.

  44. I think the ending to Dynamite is building to Hung Bucks vs Golden Lovers +Takashita. I have no real reason for this other than want.

  45. Curious if they touch the turnbuckles to fully complete the red,white, blue theme.

  46. Based on this shirt, you'd think Austin main evented this show

  47. Even Austin admits he barely has memories of this show as he was just starting to establish himself and WrestleMania felt more like a standard PPV for a few years there.

  48. I like that their reaction is to just stomp Kenny harder

  49. They're emphasizing that bump to where I'm wondering if Omega hurt himself but he seems fine.

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