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  1. at least on b2 we get to argue each others points and maybe learn, b1 is an echochamber of the privileged neoliberals and green folk


  3. I Quite liked this person Ask an autistic segment on youtube

  4. Ik vind dat Van Peteghem de enigste competente persoon in de vivaldi regering

  5. Data entry works for me. Relatively easy work, everyone is usually too busy for small talk.

  6. Exactly ive been doing it for over 6 yrs its not too stressfull. If you make a mistake its usually an easy fix.

  7. NO i ve been taking vitamin d for several years

  8. I ve categorised them from least exhausting to most

  9. Are you saying the Autism didn't get worse but the visible autistic behaviors increased because I became aware (and responded to this new information poorly) ?

  10. Basically yes, when youre a child you just live in the moment you don't think about why your actions could be considered weird or why you do certain things.

  11. I say give the immigrants a decent education and put them to work. Lot's of holes in our workforce especially in healthcare. Gonna need them if we want to take care of our aging population

  12. I just did some research on her Insta… they do look kinda real.. maybe her surgeon just did a really good job.

  13. Well, I guess I will waste 20 mins on instagram today after all

  14. i have gotten winter toes and winter fingers wich aren't pleasant

  15. Geen idee voor wie ik zou stemmen allemaal 1 pot nat

  16. What is wrong with "projecting" them? Don't take offence of what anyone is projecting, within reason (no explicit offending symbols/words).

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