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  1. apparently there is a lot of stalking going on because of stuff like those apple gps key ring gay things

  2. oh, like him very much. i was worried he was going to be a hack, and that was going to make what seth simons did tolerable in retrospect. but i can't say that. only guy whose skits i'll watch through. if you get sent some funny or die shit, even if it's good, you're like as not skipping to the end to find out what the punchline is so you can go about your day, but not with shane. isis motors, militia funeral, sleep cop, onlyfans dad, apology press conference

  3. He doesn't realize this was all a shitty attempt to jailbreak an American NSA contractor huh

  4. I thought everyone was pretty good. The opener took awhile to warm up to me cause his first few minutes were mostly “lol weed” style jokes but he had me laughing re: his joke about getting mad at his girlfriend for enjoying herself watching TV

  5. sometimes goodbye is a second chance. no, but this was essentially my parents. and i resented them for a long time because of it. however, i did as you did and eventually realized they were doing their best. i'm glad i won't be like that to my kids.

  6. didn't some fucking white savior run the boston marathon barefoot to raise awareness for the kids in the C.A.R. of mauritania or wherever who didn't have shoes. you can do that

  7. i think it will be a little more respectable than the fucking yugoslav wars. jesus eating corned beef hash out of a frisbee would be higher class than that Abrahamic steel cage match

  8. they applaud until the nyt says he rapes

  9. Do you really think about Jimmy Carter regularly? Do you really?

  10. i think about the fact that he almost decriminalized marijuana in like 1972. Jimmy's in the East Room hitting a gravity bong with a gas mask attachment. Ten minutes later

  11. I had no idea who this Liz Bruenig girl was before this post. I've just checked her website and she's so graceful and seemingly well-educated (I don't have a lot of praise for american universities but I respect her path and effort). And then I've scrolled through her Instagram and wow she is pretty. The implants (or whatever) look really good, her skin is impeccably glowing, I'm so happy for her and her cute family. Her vibe seemed really sweet and had this inspiring aspect to me. Might spend some time tomorrow reading some of her articles actually.

  12. you mention being native. start working on a companion piece to pow wow chow. or a critique really, if you're actually native. the return will be twentyfold if she runs again

  13. "it's hard for me to say this, but i think it's so terrible when the police beat up black people."

  14. That fucking disaster Many Saints introduced me to that song, right before the n word drowning

  15. I'm gonna say Bad Girl Lee Moses, I Miss You Blink 182, Tracks of My Tears Smokey Robinson, don't know the rest but those are my top three edit: beach boys don't worry baby too

  16. You don’t need a joint account, he could have given her his debit card or an extension of his debit card

  17. That's like those little shopping carts for kids that say "future customer" on them

  18. Either way I don't think you want to have anything to do with the 21 y/o right now. Literally no way that turns out except to make everything even worse

  19. It has nothing to do with her age and everything to do with the fact that Jolly needs to just chill for a while and think about anything besides women. He is more in need of a hobby than anyone I've ever seen

  20. Such a mysterious figure in music history. There don’t seem to be any private figures anymore; people who are technically famous but nobody on the street would recognize them because they don’t like notoriety.

  21. there was salinger. no one knew him aside from a handful of sixteen year old girls

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