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  1. I am a working engineer in Windsor and here are my tips. I would rewrite the opening on your resume, end it with something like: “Looking for a permanent career opportunity to contribute to company X and continue my professional development”.

  2. Offer 1 - hybrid is best imo, you get the perks of working from home and also being able to be in the office/field two days a week. If it’s a good company the will give you all the resources you need to pass those exams.

  3. You are getting screwed over and lied to about the taxes. I am in Canada and our rules our taxes rules are generally the same but the tax rates are different.

  4. At my first job out of college I started with two weeks vacation, and two weeks off at Christmas (paid). I decided I will never have less than 3 weeks of vacation time from that job. When going into negotiations at new jobs I’ve always negotiated for vacation time. The company you work for is buying your time and skills, don’t sell them all of your time.

  5. I don’t think most Anglo Canadians are actually anti-American… jokes and valid criticisms aside

  6. I’ve seen a surprising amount of (dumb) Canadians in MAGA hats and rocking a confederate flag in their window.

  7. As a leafs fan I think we are all just very happy. I was dreading the rematch with Tampa since December and all I wanted to see was the leafs play a game 8 in the playoffs. The last time the leafs made it to round two I was 8… today is exciting lol

  8. but understand if you have repressed it must have hurts rly bad lol

  9. Leafs fan coming in peace. I just wanted to congratulate you on that amazing comeback! Thank you for upsetting Boston as well as their whole fan base (portnoy included).

  10. Drama should be avoided, conflict and problem resolution should not. Addressing issues in any place in your life whether is personal or professional can and should be done in a non dramatic fashion.

  11. X player broke his leg in the first round and had to have all the fingers on his left hand reset after being dislocated with two minutes left in game seven of the finals. Comes out and scores over time goal. Expected to be back training by august saying team will go back to back.

  12. I am pretty sure we are going to see some news about Brayden Point playing through broken ribs or something after the lightning are done playing playoff hockey.

  13. Going for walks everyday makes a really big difference, if you have time to go for a 30-60 min walk every day it would help trim some weight as well as increase leg strength.

  14. Nice - what exactly are you doing for the utilities? What sorts of projects do you typically work on? I am looking at a job that is Distribution as far as I can tell - substation upgrades, protection and controls as well.

  15. I work with the overhead and underground distribution grid throughout the city. It’s a good mix of design work and project management. I mostly work on new developments, pole lines, subdivisions, replacing equipment at the end of life.

  16. OMG I'm so glad I'm not the only one who checks out distribution and transmission systems in their head when out in public.

  17. It gets really crazy when travel to areas that have completely different weather conditions lol. Going to South America where they get no snow or even the east coast where they design for hurricane weather. The difference are fascinating!

  18. I'm saying, what am I supposed to do as a manager to counter another manager playing McDavid? You're suggesting my only option is to hope he is an incompetent fantasy player, which is kind of what this entire post is about..

  19. There’s a chance that there are twelve 100 point players by the end of the season. McDavid is obviously the best player, but there were plenty of players this year that took off out of no where. You probably missed out on plenty of FA’s and buy low/sell high options.

  20. You need a tissue brother man? Don’t worry, you will be good one day (not today).

  21. Hey if you are looking for someone to play with message me. I’ve been playing for a few years and a lot of my friends stopped playing as much recently. I’m NA East also

  22. If you really want to switch it’s a good idea. Sacrificing $1-2 an hour for an internship in something you are interested is worth it IMO. The experience will far out way the temporary pay cut.

  23. Well the As are notoriously cheap and lower the integrity of the mlb. As a mets fan, i can acknowledge the spending is wild, but also a fresh breath of air from the wilpons.

  24. It would be cool if there was some kind of bonus for teams who keep and develop there draft picks. Like 25% of their salary doesn’t count against the team cap or something. I feel like players would be able to get bigger contracts with the teams that drafted them. Doesn’t hurt the players and incentivizes teams to have good development programs in place

  25. Yea 25% is probably a bit much, I was just throwing out a number. I feel like it would help undesirable teams resign there RFA’s, in the last couple years we’ve seen plenty of young guys get flipped and derail rebuild progress. Jacob Chychrun, Temo Meier, Pierre Luc Dubois, Patrick Laine, Jack Eichel, Thatchuk, Gaurdreau. Probably more I’m missing too.

  26. As far as I am aware there are no rules restricting women from playing in the NHL, forward or defence included. I could be completely wrong, but I didn’t think there was a restriction in the NHL.

  27. I hate when fighters play these dumb personas, it completely takes away from how good some of them are IMO.

  28. A large reason why people like Colby is because he feeds into the underlying racist tones the UFC has. And before people say he’s a character, it quite literally doesn’t matter

  29. Outside of his “character” he’s still a pos, he treats everyone outside of his fans like trash. Didn’t pay his coaches at ATT, they kicked him out for a reason. I don’t think Jorge isn’t some good guy by any means but the shit that went down between those two shows who he really is. Jorge let him crash on his couch for a while and a few years later this dudes publicly trashing him and his family. If someone helps you out like that and there’s a falling out, the least you can do is keep your mouth shut IMO

  30. Me and the group of people (about 15) I play with regularly agree. There are obviously issues that need to be addressed. Shoreline is my main map and it’s apparently infested with cheaters, I’ve seen 2-3 this wipe and I go to resort 90% of the time. 25% of the time I shoot someone in the face I get added and accused of cheating.

  31. Any particular content creators you recommend taking a look at?

  32. I think Pestily and Klean have a lot of good informational videos. But I like watching Aqua play because he’s an average player (at best) that is entertaining to watch. There’s streamer items you can find in the game and most of the streamers that are associated with an item have pretty good content.

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