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  1. Yes lol. You can literally experience anything when tapering off lol. How many days do you have off?

  2. I (22) was just diagnosed march 10 with endometrial cancer grade 2, I’ve always had bad periods but put it off as I had pcos and it was no big deal, the last 3-4 years I started bleeding between periods often, I finally decided to go to the gynecologist bc I had honestly been meaning to and I wanted some bloodwork done bc I had been struggling to lose weight, first appointment I was diagnosed with pcos so I went back for a vaginal ultrasound with that they found the lining of my uterus to be extremely abnormally thick and that I have a flaccid bladder so from there I had a hysteroscopy d&c and colposcopy, the dr who preformed the surgery told me to prepare myself bc he was certain it was cancerous from the looks of it, 3 days later I got the call that it is indeed cancer

  3. holy christ, this sounds like exactly what I am going through right now. Thank you so much. Ill be going to the doctor. & best of luck to you in your journey. ❤️

  4. Shattered it with a really solid kick. Spidered the glass, but somehow it stayed in the frame.

  5. spring is sort of the worst time to go. Theres still mounds of snow, but its cold and rainy, but not fully freezing. Everything is wet and muddy, everything is grey and dead. Id do something more like The Falls during this time of year :)

  6. I posted this above, but likely bleeding esophageal varices.

  7. this happened to my neighbour. he passed away alone, due to his esophagus bursting due to alcohol. he had @ least 3 full garbage bags of empty beer cans in his kitchen. It disturbs me to this day that when he was in his apartment alone, dying, I was a piece of drywall away. Still haunts me

  8. •kings crown barbershop in the bay @ queen & yonge •starks barbershop - leslieville

  9. the fact that this question gets asked all the time loooooooooool - this city is miserable. What do you expect? Anything and everything cool, unique and affordable has been long demolished, everything is grey (condos), nothing is affordable including food, jobs are unstable because companies are always looking for the next best thing and know everyone is replaceable, dating is a goddamn JOKE, making genuine friends is hard, even free things to do in the city aren't worth it due to lines/over crowding. What good is there, really?

  10. My mom got me a dog that I desperately wanted when I was 12. It was a shnoodle (schnauzer poodle).

  11. Yes for sure, I moved away to college and my mom kept her for about 3 years, until she had to give her up. She was brought to a shelter and adopted by an old couple 3 days later

  12. a bit of both i think. for me i was seriously depressed before the meds and never had an appetite. on lex my appetite is normal / higher. The meds also make it impossible to lose weight.. on top of being exhausted from them and finding it hard to move

  13. what are some examples of WFH jobs or independent jobs that can be done in this field? since i cant post a whole post on this

  14. The culture of only focusing on the negative things that I/a staff is doing & not hearing any recognition for the mass amounts of good & hard work I/we do is crushing my soul. I feel like I could save someones life, but I'd only hear what I could have done differently, and no acknowledgement on the positives that I have done. My soul is tired.

  15. Regular exercise and healthy, calculated diet with 0 alcohol will help you lose weight better than discontinuing the meds

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