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  1. awesome work! Thank you for taking the time to do this

  2. Thank you! I was trying to look for it to add to my SMP, and after a while, I just decided that I might as well enact the change I wanted to see. I'm not incredibly well-versed with datapacks, so I decided I might as well have a fun learning experience :)

  3. That's how I learned to make mod packs lol I wanted a specific mod pack for a server I played on with friends and spent time learning how to integrate everything into the server

  4. That's awesome! I've always wanted to make my own mods, but I find it hard to know where to start when a lot of the things I'd like to create aren't just new blocks or items but more like modifying how the game renders certain things or flat out introducing new mechanics.

  5. Interesting. I assume slightly behind the arrow then, as otherwise wouldn’t the arrow hit it itself?

  6. Interaction entities only check for player interaction; not other entities.

  7. I’ve always had issues with the interaction hitbox lagging behind… like it only updates once every 5 ticks or something

  8. That's always going to be the case since you're teleporting an entity to another one, which you can only do every tick instead of every frame. :p

  9. New: from the makers of decorated pot: lantern with z-fighting

  10. I'm sure that's not going to make it through the snapshots since they've finally killed the z-fighting bugs with boots and leggings

  11. Pedestrian crossings with sensors that wait for a gap in traffic before they change. If I wanted to wait for a gap in traffic, I wouldn't need the pedestrian crossing!

  12. If it's a system that won't actually stop traffic for a pedestrian and only waits for an opening, then yes, that sucks. However, I still think that it should exist instead of there being nothing for the sake of the visually impared or otherwise disabled. Otherwise, they'll struggle to tell when they can actually cross.

  13. After downloading both Photoshop and Premiere, I also tried to download Acrobat. When doing so, it immediately said, "Installation failed," and then continuously cycled between being offline and online.

  14. I know they did multiple changes/fixes to the handling of hitboxes with boats on Java during the 1.19.3 snapshots. I thought it was just how passenger hitboxes no longer clip through the bottom of the boat, but apparently, it was most boat hitbox issues.

  15. On Java, the Terralith datapack reintroduces alpha terrain with its original grass/foliage color as a biome.

  16. I literally cannot find one positive or "devil's advocate" comment. If not a single mod steps down or loses privileges from this, then that will make it undeniable that this subreddit is riddled with corruption. I literally cannot find one comment arguing in your favor; not even a troll. How many more times do people have to say something until their voices are heard? What power does the community have here? How can we ensure that the staff—not the rules—are kept in line? Why don't any of you hand that moderation power over to an actual Mojang employee? I'm sure they'd accept it, if they weren't already asking for it. I was honestly trying to have a heart-to-heart with this comment, but the constant holier-than-thou behavior out of the moderation team has been absolutely pathetic. It would take almost nothing for you guys to do better, but you all actively choose not to. Disgusting.

  17. Frogs were not involved in a mob vote. They were part of the Swamp update, which won the biome vote.

  18. The swamp actually lost that biome vote to the mountains. The reason the swamp still got its update is because everything in the biome votes will still be added. The vote was only used to determine which biome would get introduced first.

  19. honestly i don't really like polls unless they're, well, heavily related to a poll-centric topic that requires user input to create good discussion.

  20. Agreed. Maybe withholding the ability for users to post polls until they get a higher amount of karma on the subreddit?

  21. I know Slicedlime (Tech lead) plays and streams but I don’t know about others

  22. Ulraf also streams every Sunday, typically doing something MC related.

  23. I doubt they do all that much actual long term survival playing, but they probably do a whole lot of playtesting.

  24. No they do. While most of them have their own long-time singeplayer worlds or independent SMPs, there's specifically a Mojang employee survival SMP that's covered in builds.

  25. While phantoms are an interesting mob that adds variety, it is a great example of bad game design. When designing games, you want the player to feel good while also nudging them in the right direction or more intended playstyles. This is often done by promoting said playstyles or progression. If done right, the player will always feel good, but get more enjoyment by doing the "correct" thing. What phantoms do is the opposite: instead of promoting certain behavior, players get punished for playing the game a certain way, which makes them frustrated. Personally, I think the Phantom should be used in a different manner. Maybe instead of punishing the player for not sleeping enough, they instead get some sort of reward for keeping a good sleep regimen. Total spitball, but the phantom could swoop over and drop a membrane or something if a player sleeps for 3 nights in a row.

  26. Didn't he say that Twitch gave him a pretty bad (comparatively) offer last time around? I bet it's a combination of YouTube being really good and Twitch being not great.

  27. He talked about it on his new channel "Mogul Mail." It came down to YouTube not only fighting for him to join their platform (unlike Twitch giving up on negotiations), but also because they required him to stream significantly less hours so he can spend time doing bigger projects instead of grinding. He did admit that YouTube offered more money, but his priority was lesser hours because he wanted to spend more time doing things he's proud of. The video I'm talking about:

  28. The Eternals sex scene. Completely out of left field and provided NOTHING of value.

  29. Oh but they will! Wisconsin just passed a bill not too long ago allowing companies to force their workers (14 and older) to work up until 11 PM! 🤪🤪🤪

  30. Make sure they can't escape the cage, given that they're using a hack client. A good, fool-proof method is by teleporting the hacker to the exact same spot continuously so that—even if they no-clip/phase—they always return to the same location.

  31. I was an extra on a car crash scene. They had three identical Jaguar XJ6. and a pile of body panels, to swiftly repair cars that it "collided" with. Multiple takes. They had trained a load of taxi drivers to drive in "formation" as the stunt car weaved crazily between them. None of the Jags were damaged! On set food was shit. I did however say hello to one of the three Samuel Jackson's there & he politely replied. He had a stunt double & a lighting double. The movie was 51st state. I''m sure you will remember my role as THIRD MAN AT BUS STOP. (You can now touch the hem of my clothes.) /S

  32. What's a lighting double? Never heard of it.

  33. Winrar. If they want me to pay so bad they'd prevent me from using it first!

  34. Alright who's going to be the person who assembles a team to recreate this map

  35. The drop towers in theme parks. I will ride the tallest rollercoaster because so much has to go wrong to die, but to put ALL OF YOUR LIFE on some weak little brakes RIGHT at the bottom of an 100+ meter drop?? No thank you!

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