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  1. Damn, the title made me think it was a film about Queen Nzinga of the kingdoms of Ndonga and Matamba, I’m kinda disappointed cause she definitely deserves a film of her own. Total badass.

  2. She literally went by the the title ‘Ngola’ which meant king, not ruler, king. She was literally the Woman King.

  3. A doodle i made in my freshman year of highschool, i still have the file, i have not changed it in several years and i do not plan to

  4. Oh no I was talking about the anime twitter pfp of whoever made the video. You’re reddit pfp’s pretty cool, really sorry if I insulted by accident.

  5. Aren't there several democrats that are also against that?

  6. Probably most of them privately, like Pelosi who’s been in politics her whole life (salary of congressional official is $174,000) but somehow is worth $30-60 million… hmm

  7. SNP, they’ve been in power for decades and have let an awful lot of things slide. Why the original design is so shit IDK but the current state of affairs is the SNP throwing money at silly crowd pleasers rather than things that would actually make a difference because “HeY wE’lL jUsT dO iT wHeN wErE iNdEpEnDaNt!!!” Even though Scotland already takes far more money from the test of the UK than it gives back and they’re still running an enormous deficit. They are the most short-sighted self-deluded out-of-touch party you could imagine and that is why everything is Scotland is slowly deteriorating, especially their NHS.

  8. SNP has been in power in Scotland for decades, how exactly is it Tories?

  9. Badenoch is the second highest polling among Tory Party members, I’m not sure being a black woman proving that big an obstacle, besides, I’d never heard of her and I think being generally obscure is far more likely to cost her than her race. Call out the tories when they’re racist, but don’t randomly project it onto them when theres a greater context.

  10. I can’t remember what it is but I loved the awareness that everyone else is living their own equally lucid and extensive lives completely independent of you; the people who pass you in the street, the people who make the shoes of the people passing you in the street, the people who helped design those shoes and the machines to make them, etc

  11. Yeah but key differ is US houses are built with AC, we’re on our own out here

  12. I knew it, they mentioned this building in their latest video and I saw it right before this post. Nice

  13. He supports Johnson or is there another Boris who needed backing recently?

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