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Jackson sworn in, becomes 1st Black woman on Supreme Court

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  1. Suarez really saved his best performance at this World Cup for Ghana, just has pure hatred for them 💀

  2. This sort of highlights the issues of racism in Europe. Crazy that something as blatant as this is dismissed as "the spirit of rivalry." Sort of reminds me of the Moise Kean thing where bizarrely he was supposed to take part of the blame and "shouldn't have celebrated in that manner."

  3. Always forget that Jesse Lingard did the Milly Rock at the Emirates

  4. De Gea was pretty much unbeatable that game. And to put into perspective how crazy that game was, Arsenal had 33 total shots with 16 on target compared to Man Utd who had 8 total shots and only 4 on target

  5. If you want to win against Japan, don't have a 1-0 lead at half time

  6. People nowadays tend to forget just how good he used to be at free-kicks and it's even more crazy that this wasn't even the only great free kick he scored against Atléti that year

  7. Youngest player to score 900+ 3-pointers too, at 19!

  8. I'd argue that refereeing decisions at tournaments like this are all political to an extent. They're absolutely not the best set of referees in the world, they're just a diverse mix from all around

  9. And if she does well, what harm is there? It's not like the "top" men's referees are very good either lmao

  10. Arabic commentary puts the dull BBC commentary to shame

  11. Valiant effort from Canada, but probably disappointing to their fans as well considering they could've beaten that Belgium side

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