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  1. Danielson as IWGP US Heavyweight champion is something I’d like to see

  2. Plus could give him an excuse to go to Japan like he'd love to do.

  3. Sometimes you need these cheesy but heartwarming moments. Good for Cole 😊

  4. Does anyone know if Su Yung was planning on an in ring return? Always enjoyed seeing her in Impact.

  5. She's been wrestling. Next booking seems to be a Black Label Pro show in early April.

  6. Damn. I don't know much of anything about the guy, maybe he's good. But Veda is great at commentary and I bet she'd be phenomenal calling a TJPW show.

  7. She's one of my favorite women's wrestlers. I question the extremes that bodybuilders go through for competitions because I don't think it's particularly healthy. But that's part of what they do for better or worse. I know Cassie Lee did a competition and seemed to have some regrets due to what she had to go through for it. I think she only did the one time too.

  8. To a degree but the preparation for a bodybuilding competition is much more extreme than the daily exercise and nutrition habits of a typical wrestler.

  9. Her and Brody make for an oddly wholesome wrestling family.

  10. Good to see JJ acknowledging the God of Pro Wrestling.

  11. Mayuism is an existential threat to all of wrestling. It spreads like wildfire.

  12. "I'll have to knock him down a few pegs."

  13. Are they going to project giant holographic bowls of cereal around the ring?

  14. I don't think she was meaning that, but that Thunder was traveling and going to other events instead of still going to AEW shows and maybe helping or doing promos or something like that.

  15. Some people are only happy complaining.

  16. I tend to alternate between slight annoyance and strangely endearing for a lot of Meerkat Ultra's videos. Watched a lot when I was first getting into Stardom though because a lot of them are really good for getting to know what's what in the promotion.

  17. Well, that is intriguing to say the least.

  18. That match is going to be absolute fire.

  19. Why is there a contract for an unsanctioned match? The company is basically disavowing everything, right?

  20. I'm really not feeling this Roxanne storyline. It's just excessive theatre for an underdog champion to regain a title that they never lost in the first place.

  21. It's really weird and not at all working for me. I love her as a talent but this booking for her is very odd.

  22. Something about these angles that I always find funny is that they planned this elaborate scheme of sneaking in as a camera man to get around the security and then slowly reveal themselves wasting time and getting a few wild punches in before getting pulled apart. Like you would think they'd try to get a good shot in right away.

  23. Why waste time revealing yourself at all? Just attack the guy and try to murder him.

  24. this story just feels like why ? What are they even trying to do here

  25. I don't understand nxt booking either.

  26. Can't wait for the inevitable Renee turn for not letting her in BCC.

  27. She's going to join the Jericho Appreciation Society just to spite Mox.

  28. Then BCC makes RJ City an honary member and that's how we end up getting the Renee/RJ blood feud we all want.

  29. Johnny WrestleCade doesn't have a nice ring to my ears.

  30. Gunns will have core of the sun levels of heat if they're the ones to force FTR to leave AEW.

  31. Tam wins but can only do so my going full psycho murder Tam. Cosmic Angels is shocked and horrified, leaving her and having Mina be the new leader. Tam has succeeded in her goal of winning the Red Belt but it costs her everything and leaves her utterly alone.

  32. Poi joined after Tam went psycho murder Tam on her in a steel cage, why would she be horrified of it now?

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