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  1. I find it more stupid when they promote stuff like Owens vs Nakamura for the “first time ever” when Steen fought Nakamura in ROH a few years earlier

  2. Yeah, just say "first time in WWE" or something.

  3. To paraphrase the great Bard, "A Pete by any other name would still manipulate joints."

  4. Yes, and what I wrote was George's follow-up to Jerry.

  5. You can really start just about anywhere and get a good idea of what's happening. I bought my subscription around March this year and began with the last event of 2021 since that made sense to me. But I think it depends on how much time you have to catch up on stuff.

  6. When you think about it, porn has kayfabe, selling and finishing moves, so working a porn con makes absolutely perfect sense.

  7. Banger after banger after banger...

  8. Bunny is great and I'm glad they're giving all these women something to do.

  9. Yeah, the last few months had really elevated the women's division. Multiple stories happening and more matches. It's been really good to see.

  10. The terrible red lighting they did for Bray's HIAC match was abysmal and making it dark would probably be even worse.

  11. She was part of one of the biggest moments in Wargames history and one of the biggest feuds in NXT. At some point it's on fans to have some knowledge or at least do some research. Why is everything needing to be force feed to people? Can't we just watch and learn?

  12. I love that that straight up murder is an option to write a character out of Impact so often. "You're dead to me, literally."

  13. Impact does a phenomenal job with these shows.

  14. Minoru Suzuki went to management because he doesn't want to lose the title of scariest Suzuki

  15. Suzu vs Minoru, loser loses Suzuki match!

  16. But that's Chuck Taylor's go to weapon!

  17. You can really get a good look at her tattoo work in this, and it's crazy good.

  18. I think she mentioned awhile back that she wanted to start wearing shorts on the show more to show off her leg tattoos more (WWE was resisting that at the time seemingly).

  19. Yeah, I think I remember hearing that McMahon was against her tattoos being shown so that's why she had her legs done; she could more easily wear pants to hide them.

  20. Tremendous match. And Kairi did this on a hurt ankle after having another banger the previous night. Mayu looked like she was straight up murdered a few times in this. MOTY contender for sure.

  21. These ladies are going to beat the hell out of each other.

  22. Damn. Jade is approaching Giulia levels of drip.

  23. Such a weird clause, but I guess weirder things happen.

  24. I've heard it's up to the venues to decide, so some might allow cheering and others won't.

  25. These shoes are always a blast and you can tell the wrestlers are loving getting to do it.

  26. Love that Grace is still rolling with the Rough Rider nickname. The promo they cut a few years ago- “we’re the rough riders and we’re gonna come on you like nobody’s ever come before” still makes me crack up

  27. I mean, it can't get more normal and not even slightly weird than when Liv Morgan was on and they named the workout "Liv's butt stuff".

  28. Liv knows how to get those clicks up.

  29. When your eyesight is as bad as mine a c and an l that close sure does look like a lower case d

  30. I love how she took that shot and it didn't phase her. She's got asses to kick!

  31. Well, it's not Mia Yim and Shelton Benjamin, that's for sure.

  32. The AEW ramp... biggest heel in the company.

  33. RVD doing his best pogo stick impression.

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