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  1. Yup - I use Happycow whenever I travel - but was just looking for personal recommendations. Thanks!

  2. I leave the watermelon (cut up) in my flavouring bottle for 5-7 days.

  3. Blend your watermelon up instead. You’ll get much more flavor out of it and a better carbonation as well. I do F2 for one day in a separate container, then and let the flavors meld, then bottle them and allow them to finish carbonating for another day or two before putting them in the fridge. This way I don’t get severe carbonation to where it explodes when I open it.

  4. This just blew my mind - I Never thought to blend the fruit. I feel like such an idiot. Can't believe I never thought of that. Do you strain it then before drinking???

  5. I think the only thing you can do to stop is just to stop cold turkey. Often people think they're hungry because they don't know what true hunger actually feels like. What people often feel is the food disgesting. In the middle of the night your body is no longer taking in food, so the digestion feeling doesn't get masked by the continual eating we do through the day.

  6. Sadly yes - your body will take sometime to adjust to the amount of fibre - but it's not a bad thing. It means that your system is working effectively. Plant-based people are a little gassier than some - but we're also more regular. Better than other diets that have you not having a bowel movements for several days at a time.

  7. In terms of the "No good or bad food" it's more about creating a healthy relationship with food. Intuitive Eating works if you've already got a healthy balanced mindset - it allows you to enjoy some treats and not feel shamed by having them. But most people take it as a reason to do whatever they want. Sigh. I made a video if it's helpful for anyone. Would love to hear your thoughts and if you think I'm off the mark:

  8. I firmly believe there's never too much fruit. Fruit has lots of sugar, yes, but it's sugar that's packed with fibre, so it releases into your system slowly. I'd avoid dried fruit in large quantities because it doesn't have the water and fibre and the sugar acts more like it does in processed foods. But when it comes to fruit the four servings you're talking about is what I think should be the minimum. I'd recommend adding MORE actually - especially some berries into your daily mix. If you can't get them fresh frozen are a great choice - and because they're flash frozen when picked they're equally healthy as fresh!

  9. This is what I was thinking too. Ever since I started making smoothies, my family are so quick to complain it’s too much sugar and bad for you.

  10. Hahaha - alcohol converts directly and quickly into sugar into your body - fruit has fibre attached to it, so it at least releases the sugar slowly into your body, which doesn't make your blood sugar spike. Next time they tell you it's "too much sugar" let the know the one about the people who lived in glass houses and threw stones...

  11. For sure - so long as you've got a balance of other things throughout the day. If you're having it for breakfast maybe bulk it up a bit with some protein powder? Toss in some chia seeds or flax meal to boost the omega-3s and also thicken it up nicely. Lastly, consider tossing in a handful of spinach or kale. The fruit will mask any of the flavour and it'll add some more nutrients to it!

  12. Here's a bunch of my own recipes. They're all loved by kids and non-vegans alike and they're all pretty simple to make as well! Hope you find something in here helpful:

  13. Consider adding some tempeh into the mix - it flavours beautifully - same make-up as tofu, just a different texture.

  14. If health is your goal I'd consider swapping our the beef for beans of some kind, and swapping out the cheese for avocado. Healthier proteins and fats without the cholesterol. You can never have too many veggies! Just incorporate a variety of ones of different colours. Each colour of vegetable represents different nutrients, so the more variety the more you're packing in! And consider sprinkling in a few seeds - like sesame or pumpkin. Seeds actually unlock additional nutrients in veggies - particularly greens!

  15. The best way to think of it is this: fruits and vegetables tell us things about them just based on their appearance alone. Their different colours mean that they contain different nutrients. So if you've heard the phrase "eat the rainbow" that's why that is. Do your best to just try a variety of fruits and vegetables throughout the week. If you had one thing in your last meal, or the day before, try to put something different in - and just look at your plate to make sure that there's variety.

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