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  1. You should probably reach out to epiellie on Twitter

  2. First year into my MPH epi program. I’ve learned a lot of great skills, have a funded spot, and a 3.8 GPA. Things should be perfect.

  3. Glad you are taking care of yourself but this question is really for your advisors and department. I'm certain they can work with you to finish out. Unfortunately, an MPH is pretty much the barrier to entry for public health jobs. There is usually plenty of local programs you can work with if you live in a major city but otherwise only a year of grad school won't go far.

  4. Biobot is the main one funded for tracking COVID:

  5. Moderate? I can barely post on the Reddit app. I have to copy the link, go back and share the page, and paste the link. Buncha clowns

  6. Sit-in restaurants without adequate ventilation are/were the main concern since time in proximity is the major risk indicator for transmission. Buffet or not didn't really matter for COVID.

  7. I mean it's not nothing but with tree holes and leaves the only way you are knocking down vivax is with fogging

  8. I'm an epidemiology PhD but I was only funded for like 10 credits a semester before I had to do something extra.

  9. For computational epidemiology, absolutely you need to know your way around an HPC. Depending on your use case, cloud computing using something like Azure or AWS could be important but most health agencies typically would only host a static page through Tableau, Socrata, PowerBI, etc.

  10. You can have data good or fast, never both. A more complete report is likely going through clearance for MMWR or EID as we speak.

  11. Kinda reminds me of that foodborne outbreak at EEID a few years ago. Don't think Dr. Mina ever followed up with the virome stuff.

  12. Next time remember that it doesn't technically become a fetus until the 10th week. It's a six-week old embryo with electrical activity.

  13. Plant ID news, I'm here for it. Do bananas next!

  14. I'm more interested in citrus die off I think but feel free to post news

  15. I’m very nervous about how this will play out and the culture wars over covid vaccines are definitely not going to help. In my not specifically informed opinion, the way to reach this group is through their primary care doctors, which is an authority they trust.

  16. To be honest, I've gone libgen for so long now that all my books are as thick as my iPad.

  17. Probably a specialized book, like infectious disease epidemiology. Those are THICK.

  18. The Nelson book is only like 1k pages, pretty standard. Are you thinking of the MDB series?

  19. Maybe take a few steps back, what are you even talking about?

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