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  1. Don’t worry about just missing 160. It fluctuates. Mine has been as high as 320-ish and down to around 250.

  2. I got a fit and we tried 7 different ones as I stated.

  3. Fuck it then , buy a Selle SLR airflow and some Rapha Classic bibs.

  4. I've heard the SLR is amazing

  5. No numbness after a year or so of riding one, but get decent bibs too

  6. I don't think I've seen my HRV drop below 50 even with hard drinking. 19 seems super low but ain't no doc

  7. It’s relative to the individual, some peoples can be in the 100s, some at the other end.

  8. Sometimes in Zwift free ride can also mean go as hard as you can. But the instructions on screen will tell you when it wants that off you during a free ride section (and generally they’re short bursts).

  9. How the fuck do people sit on Zwift for more than 2 hours max?! Bonkers. Do you get off and go to the coffee shop? change your bibs? Slam a Belgian Stew? Live in an arctic tundra or an insane asylum? You must have some grit if not!

  10. I got off to wipe off sweat, change bib and socks, refill water etc. every couple hours for maybe 5-10 mins. I do live in Canada and had the window open too 🤣

  11. Fair play OP. I still think you’re insane though x

  12. Pretty sure that just happened in Oliver Stone’s mind.

  13. Can a print of this be purchased anywhere?

  14. It’s called Ten Great Years and is available on Etsy

  15. I was in the battle for 600th the other week…I took it like it was first.

  16. You’ll have to submit that to GCN for Hack/Bodge of the week!

  17. So is this a hack or a bodge? I vote hack. Looks like it’s made for it.

  18. Remember to that those Tour rides are just different route options, not rider class. So you may have been struggling but the other riders may have been decent C, B or A riders.

  19. I find on Zwift I’m pedalling most of the time where as outside I’ll freewheel a lot more, so maybe there’s more work in your legs when you get to climbing.

  20. Rapha. I’m 90kg and the pads in their bibs and tights are best for me. I’ve tried tonnes of different makes, settles on these.

  21. No no no no, you have that the wrong way. Red for bacon, brown for sausages and black pudding.

  22. Tomato for bacon Brown for sausages Mustard for black pudding

  23. I’ve come to bass to play live shows for a mate who released an EP of solo stuff, on which he played all the instruments himself, apart from drums. I play guitar so am no bass player but I just play what is on the record so I don’t need to come up with lines etc. Anyway, I fucking love the bass! Been playing it about 6 months and it’s like being privy to a whole new world in song composition. I’ve been going on YouTube and playing along to those tab videos, learning songs I like. This is the most enjoyable way for me. Today I learned Charmless Man by Blur and Atomic by Blondie, both dead cool bass lines.

  24. I’ve got a tickr and a garmin dual. Just recently, last week or so, they both have been dropping out and/or reading 20+/- bpm out. Both have been fine on Zwift (very occasionally they went mad) but this week dreadful. Went outside on Friday for a 70k ride with the garmin on: worked perfect.

  25. I feel like Tommy would do a lot better with out all the pressure from his family.

  26. 100%. I feel a bit sorry for him now. His family have set him up. What sort of father does that to their child? “Change your name, don’t come back”, etc., it fucking mingjng. Tyson going on about his poor mental health all the time and he’s saying this shit to his brother. Turds.

  27. The price was $350 retail. I was on there when it launched at 9 AM and it sold out in seconds

  28. Oh man, that’s minging. Hey Doors fans, thanks for supporting us all these years…take that! $350! I’m so disappointed. Like, what was made from it, about 150,000 gross: who does that benefit?

  29. There are only 450 copies so I'm sure it was either an extremely fast sell out time, or was given to various charities and similar groups. I'm sure it was monstrously expensive either way.

  30. I looked on another site selling it and it just said “register interest” so you’re probably right, it’ll be mega bucks.

  31. 30p Lee. A proper maggot

  32. Lol, true, but it’s entertaining. Like Oliver Stone’s movie.

  33. All great suggestions, I’ve read a lot of this stuff and I’d recommend starting with On the Road.

  34. I was with a 1.5wkg 17mph autopacer on Makuri Islands.

  35. Do you have your trainer set to 100%? This can make a difference to downhill speed.

  36. I don't think that is true? The level only means that you have to change gears? However it is produced your Watt output is independent of difficulty.

  37. It’s the incline/decline so yes it gives you those easier “gears” going up hill, but the descent is shallower too. I’m 90kg and have a 28 on the back, if I drop it to 50% I have to pedal to keep up downhill, if it’s on 100% is a lot easier…for me anyway.

  38. And then John Dutton will arrive to fuck shit up and have a naked shower under Hardraw Force in Yorkshire.

  39. John Dutton would drop Sky off at the train station

  40. Fenders? I don’t see any guitars…surely you mean mud guards!

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