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  1. I wish I could see who is buying up this stock as it has fallen over the last year or so. Somebody is racking up shares on the cheap and have a feeling there will be an announcement that will send this to the moon

  2. They are a good company with an amazing ethos. I have had a small position for a couple years. I invested based off their goals to improve life on earth. I honestly don’t know if they will ever be profitable but it seems like the company to take a risk on.

  3. I agree and have same small interest, but they are bound to do good things as space accelerates

  4. Yes. Prison for Randell Torno, Steve Rash, Henryk Dabrowski, Ed Bollen. Definitely Rob Malin and Blue Citi

  5. Henryk is on LinkedIn working his next scam

  6. Regardless of who the contract is with, it is a large contract that will fund Neutron and lead to profitability.

  7. Correct and they are building a new facility just for the Reaction wheel, but your logic doesn't give pinheads a reason to bash the post.

  8. At least my comment is accurate. It was more about the wave of business being developed by rklb. They are emerging as a front runner for low and mid earth orbits. If you could buy Tesla at $4 you would be very excited.

  9. The company that makes the machine isn't just going to make 1. 3d printing is not proprietary. Printing with metal is going to take over many places like auto. Those pieces don't have stress from bending

  10. Does Relatively have anything to do with Rocketlab?

  11. Web site is registered through september 2023 and he used a company in AZ

  12. Oh, there are a few investors that know exactly where Torno and Dabrowski live.

  13. We need to get the FBI involved as an internet scam. Would like to get the bank accounts seized

  14. I have friended Dabrowski and he is posting on Linkedin for another company

  15. I think we should get the SEC to release control of the company to us shareholders. We can move it forward here in the US.

  16. Leak on separation in 2nd stage. Tough part was getting off the ground. Fixes should be coming soon.

  17. Yeah sure, you can look at the picture or the story, I prefer the latter.

  18. Also have to look at the contracts and future cash flows. They are building a facility just to build guidance systems for satellites (probably Amazon). They are the low earth orbit leaders and everyone is moving to satellite communications. The next 10 years are going to be transformational.

  19. Could not agree more. In some ways we are lucky because the market hasn't really woken up to what RocketLab will accomplish in the coming years, which gives us a chance to load up for cheap. I think we'll see some nice returns over the next two years, but what I'm really excited and will wait for, is what RocketLab will accomplish 10-15 years from now. It will be insane. Excited is an understatement.

  20. My son is in the Space Force and his comment was that my shares may not make me rich, but his kids will be going through college on the proceeds.

  21. To be more specific, it’s 2000-3000 wheels per year. But even tho the market price is 100k Adam has said that this customer will have a big discount for these wheels

  22. Big discount is unnecessary. Small discount for volume or exclusivity is smarter

  23. This contract isn’t exactly new news, but I think it’s the first time that Rocket Lab has said “thousands of reaction wheels per year”.

  24. URL can't handle all of Amazon, got to have RKLB in the mix

  25. We've got at most two years of annual data to work with, and my gut says things are changing fast enough that data including early 2021 may not be relevant anymore when trying to project forward and understand costs these days.

  26. Especially since URL will not be able to handle all the launches needed for bezos and should see plenty of repeat biz

  27. You can also find henryk dabrowski on linked in with his new targets. Stay on these guys until they are behind bars

  28. Lookup the word focus, then read about exclusive. You must enjoy being a contrarian.

  29. Hopefully this is good news in the long term, because Elon keeps tripping himself up on social media and I can imagine the government would be less keen on his companies if a viable competitor can emulate SpaceXs success. Though RKLB is very far from reaching Space X level of success right now.

  30. They focus on different things. RKLB is low earth orbit

  31. I have to agree with you. I honestly could care less about space but this company is well run and in a market that is growing. Only problem is macro environment and their poor profits. Although it has some red flags. Would like to see higher quarter on quarter growth so people will pay more attention to this company. (Their qoq revenue is weak imo) Also the stock really is not going to move until neutron is in orbit. Which could cause problems with cash and share dilution. So the company is great but it has red flags I believe should be overcome with a changing macro environment but neutron will be the do or die for this company. I own shares but i do not care for aerospace so I feel I am not biased. We might have stumbled upon the next 1000% gaining company


  33. I like Tesla, however I sold all my Tesla and bought 5000 shares of rklb yesterday. As I can put more in, I will. these US launches will get attention and this stock will move.

  34. Bought this a month ago and watched the down movement. Any thoughts as to positive news?

  35. I think once 200 is cracked, there will be a significant surge.

  36. And now that I was wrong, I sold all. Will wait for a bit. There may be a discount opportunity soon

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