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Sevens ending was destiny [spoilers]

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  1. I disagree - do you want to be counting calories for the rest of your life? Sure, for some people, a strict daily count of calories is the only way in which in which then can successfully lose weight. I was never going to do that, so I just eliminated food I knew to be fattening (including alcohol). That worked for me.

  2. It's calculated per employment, with all self employment income counting as an individual employment and each PAYE job as another.

  3. It's a heap of shite in it's current form. Pre-existing conditions are typically excluded - which is often why people look to take out a policy in the first place, given enduring issues and the NHS back log.

  4. Sometimes when me and my partner have sex, we can be quite loud. This has coincided seemingly with our adjunct neighbours interest in the paranormal and mediumship, as well as references on Facebook to "strange noises in the night".

  5. You could try mentoring them under more competent members of the team?

  6. Go onto, filter for your budget and pick one. Flights and accommodation sorted.

  7. Sitting down - but the demographic sample and statistics of the country really matter here.

  8. It's all about sales really when you break it down. Most recruiters get a commission kickback from the finders fee a company pays their company (unless self employed, in which case they get it all) and that's typically dependent on a few things:

  9. I'd recommend hiding this post before JJ Abrams and friends see it. This kind of yuck is ripe for Summer blockbusters.

  10. This is neither an unpopular opinion or a new piece of advice. It's called periodization and it's been around for 60+ years.

  11. So, what is the goal of these shorts, other than flexing the Roddenberry Archive’s muscle?

  12. A very cynical person might suggest they are nothing more than exhibition tech demos of deepfake technology using Roddenberry archive material (because other material is owned by CBS/Paramount) to reference and recreate Star Trek characters.

  13. You don’t need to prove anything, companies doing background checks don’t ask you for proof, they are paid to independently validate your claims.

  14. I'd probably reason that Earth is the de-facto political control centre of the Federation. Politics is what makes such a massive alliance of so many diverse cultures work.

  15. Do we count Dax according to the symbiont age or the host age? The Dax symbiont was, canonically, born in 2018. Ezri Dax is likely still alive at the time of PIC S3.

  16. Sarek passed away at the age of 203 due to illness ( we all know this). In Voyager : Harry Kim and Tom Paris attempting to guess Tuvok's age; they incorrectly guess at 162 and 133 respectively. Later that season, in the episode "Fury", Kathryn Janeway discovers Tuvok's birthday and tells him, "It's not long before you hit the big three digits"; this suggests that he is under 100 at the time of the episode; however, in the sixth-season finale, "Unimatrix Zero", Tuvok states that he was born on stardate 38774 (equivalent to the year 2264) on Vulcanis, a lunar colony belonging to the Vulcan people. The episode is set in the year 2376, which would make Tuvok 112 years old at the time.[citation needed]

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