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  1. Farming geonosians during peak of covid. Especially using them as an early player felt like I had a galactic legend.

  2. People like OP are the ones who make the game fun

  3. id rather fuck around and have fun then be only focused on max rewards. The game is meant to be enjoyable not a chore list

  4. I’m still confused how you even fight someone like that. I mean even Galactus was scared to be with him

  5. Oh, c'mon. Public stuff is fun.

  6. Second this. It’s exciting doing it in places you’re not supposed to

  7. I completely agree. The only reason people go there is because it’s the only place in the state with wmmt and the store knows it.

  8. Typical grass is probably greener banter. Once you live the experience of every ugly tall guy then I'll listen

  9. You support transwomen because you like them, I support transwomen because they ruin womens sports. We are not the same. Trans rights btw


  11. The burden of the Landchad is a tough but noble one

  12. The media refusing to talk about the daily struggle of being a landlord

  13. Leaf lovers special is the only good beer in the game

  14. Yeah like if it’s a such a financial burden just stop

  15. Have you tried other arcades? Prices usually range depending on location as well. In sg, one game can go up $2, and also as low $1 per game.

  16. There’s only one place in the state

  17. “Come on it’s one message! He’ll call back”

  18. Thought that was me for a second bru

  19. Anyone else think the chuck sex scene actually added a lot to the story and character development of both

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