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  1. I don’t think this will go anywhere but Graduation by Kanye West

  2. How did you change the colors of safari and the other apps on the bottom?

  3. I finally listened to Thirsty yesterday and it’s a lot better than I was expecting

  4. Creature deserves to win. Completely flawless song imo

  5. I have the same collection. Hoping to get vessel for my birthday in a month!!

  6. Barry in the comics is the slowest of the speedsters I believe so it doesn't bug me plus wally is also about as fast as him too at least before Barry came back from the speed force in season 4.

  7. Jay Garrick is the slowest of the speedsters and Wally West is the fastest

  8. The thing is how American talking about yellow teeth when all they eat is fatty food and sweet shit 😂

  9. If it wasn’t for half•alive’s new album, The dj would’ve been my top song

  10. Well GMYS Pt. 1 isnt really a full album anyways, more of just an EP, and the band didn’t think GMYS Pt. 2 was the right direction so I trust them. Also, I prefer COAP as it is because it kind of tells a story and feels a lot more complete with the GMYS Pt. 1 songs. The order of GMYS Pt. 1 was great, but I also love the way they incorporated the songs into COAP. It feels a lot more complete, and to me GMYS Pt. 1 kind of felt like there was something missing. Lastly, I’m glad we got COAP because i much prefer having a full length album rather than having two overly short ones

  11. My friend is incredibly racist and says the n word. I tell him it’s offensive. Your post says I’m the racist. Bad opinion.

  12. Saying the n word isn’t really a joke though. It’s just mean and offensive

  13. Honestly, I think all the in fluorescence songs are the worst songs on here because they all lose what make h•a songs unique. I’ve kinda been ignoring them this whole time

  14. who gaf about super bowl other than americans?

  15. what do yall not like about breakfast genuinely want opinions is it not beautiful

  16. Honestly, there is nothing I don’t like about it. I just like most h•a songs more. Breakfast is just a little boring to me compared to some of the others

  17. Did I make you up? is still my vote. For me personally, every other song brings something unique and enjoyable, but there is nothing I can really find in this song that makes me like it

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