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  1. Shaving. I just love the feeling right after when my skin is smooth!

  2. I don't think Darcy was aristocracy, because he was never called anything other than "Mr." Lady Catherine de Bourgh had married a peer, however. Was he a baronet? I seem to remember he was Sir Lewis de Bourgh.

  3. Sir Lewis was probably a knight. Baronets tend to have entailed estates and there would also be a male heir of the title. Lady Catherine also calls his family "untitled"

  4. Ah, okay. Thanks! And thanks to the person who pointed out that Lady Catherine (and her sister Lady Anne) were Earl's daughters. I had forgotten that! :-)

  5. Not very likely. Unless her parents managed to scrape up the money and an appropriate sponsor for her to have a Court presentation, she would be unlikely to meet any of the true aristocracy.

  6. Gad, that is a tragic story! I'm so sorry. It sounds like the girl needs to be in a special facility where she can get psychological help as well as schooling, but I have no idea how you would go about doing that.

  7. "You'll know when something or someone is harmful by the way they make you feel inside. Always trust that feeling!"

  8. Always live on an upper floor. A Ring or other kind of camera doorbell is also a good idea.

  9. Someone who blathers on about how strong and independent they are then lets the hero do everything for them and just wants to go home and be a mommy. Jeez...pick a life path would ya?

  10. LOL! Lots of posters of Europe. Not the country---they were Swedish band I was into. I joined their fan club and everything!

  11. One year my folks gave me a pair of high-heeled sneakers. They were incredibly ugly and tacky-looking and I couldn't understand why Mom and Dad gave them to me. I knew they were supposed to be a gag gift, but I didn't get the joke. Turns out they were a reference to an old song that I was too young to remember. Oh well! ;-D


  13. Interesting! I don't think I have ADHD, but I always feel more confident doing new things if others are doing them too.

  14. Robert Martin is moving up in the world though, he has house servants, his sisters have similar educations to Harriet. He's a "gentleman" farmer. Marrying an ornamental wife is probably part of the gentrification process, lol.

  15. Yup! It was given to her as a pet by the Martin family. They were really nice people, so I'm glad it worked out for Harriet despite Emma's interference.

  16. I mean, the fact is what would a farmhand do with a member of the gentry? Anne can't cook or clean, she knows how to embroider not darn. She'd be totally useless. What does a factory worker want with someone who can speak Italian and play piano? Nothing. No way they'd even own a piano.

  17. "In a minute, honey. I need to go to the garage and get the weed killer and ground glass"

  18. I think part of the problem is that I am a mental health professional and so perhaps she sees our friendship as a kind of work around for therapy

  19. You couldn't see her even if she was a paying client, right? If you're friends you would have much less objectivity. She needs someone else.

  20. This is tough. You may have to sit her down and come clean with her as kindly as you can. You can't be her therapist; you did the right thing when you recommended that she get a professional counselor. And even though it's % 99.999 certain she will be angry with you, it would be honest to admit that the main reason you can't help her is that you're angry with her. Right or wrong, those feelings exist and they're affecting the quality of your relationship anyway.

  21. I think it would be worth pursuing. You can miss subtleties like facial expression, body language and even tone of voice if you use only technology.

  22. The things I love about them have to outweigh the things that irritate me. I also try to remember that there's things about me that probably irritate them.

  23. I like to set the alarm so I have enough time to lie in bed and practice my French. I'm taking a Duolingo course and working on it right when I wake up helps. :-)

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