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  1. OMG LITERALLY! I did my last major purchase in March online. Ordered bowser and KK slider, the checkout failed and continued like that for 3 days. I called customer service, and while the lady who offered a manager was very nice, the manager never called me back within the hour. I called again, same issue. eventually, I was able to check out later that night but what terrible service! 😠 The checkout has been continuously flaky and almost prevented me from getting my devil bear in February too.

  2. I do the same thing when I name my bears, get to 'know' them for a few days! Carrying around, finding an outfit they like either in my small selection or we browse the site to get an idea of what we might like more on them. My boy, Marvin, wears the honey girls crop top and shorts. We love how it looked together, and despite having a masculine name, Marv actually goes by they/them. :D

  3. Omg, bearfoot 🥺🥺🥺 there's so many good ones! Makinmeplush is adorable too

  4. Haha, that's cute! I'll consider that as a contender since that's what I call my bed 🤣

  5. Tote bag, or my on the go mini backpack. They don't always fit, though, but I'm not worried about my furry friends getting loved. And if the weather is bad, they can stay in the car

  6. 😂😂 you have my permission to do it! I ended up putting in the among us sound effects

  7. Oh my God. That last one is adorable 😭🥺 I love the princess bride! I didn't get many photos of us together as it was pretty busy at the hour, and the mall would be closing soon cause of the holiday weekend.

  8. TIL that the character in ‘The Land Before Time’ isnt ‘Sara’ but ‘Cera’ because she’s a triCERAtops. Thank you for unintentionally teaching me this.

  9. Oh you're definitely welcome. 😂 Definitely gonna make sure when I get the courage to watch the land before time to bring my own cera with me during that *one* scene... 😭

  10. I can’t see abandoned toys without thinking of toy story either 🥲 luckily your dad knew to rescue 🫶🏽

  11. I thanked him very much! <3 He knows how much I love build a bear! Yeah, I love toy story but it's clear a multitude of 90s-00's kids were traumatized 😂 Now I'm 31 and I have like, maybe 25+ plushies on a queen sized bed. It's my kingdom and these are my royal subjects is what i call them!

  12. UPDATE YA'LL! I was finally able to check out with a little bit of patience! The site is still kinda buggy though, so I had to empty my cart originally and start over just to get my 10 dollar e-gift cards.

  13. Incognito mode worked for me, I had the same issue! Sometimes it’s best to just restart your device and try again

  14. Oh really? :o I'll have to look into incognito mode in a bit! I'll try restarting too

  15. Update: Restarted my phone, than my computer, and installed incognito tab on chrome and firefox.... and still nothing. :( I'm gonna try to remove everything in my cart and try again tho

  16. How cute! I like this otter much more than the 25th. No more gross sausage feets! 😂

  17. Yeah, no offense to the 25th otter fans, but I personally seen it in store and HATED the feet even more than before 🤣 so ever since than I've been calling them clown shoes/sideshow bob's shoe size and now sausage peets/feet.

  18. I'll be honest, I'm disappointed. :/ It looks like someone tried to do a cheap custom. No offense to frog collectors, I just wish BAB would release something new.

  19. So I would order the bears unstuffed now so you will have them when your friend comes to town.

  20. Hm, yeah. I planned on ordering the bears before she gets here, and plus some extra scents. I'm mostly just planning beforehand since I tend to overthink stuff. I still want buy extra gift cards to get my friend anything we want for our friendship bears!

  21. OMG I might cry if this turns out to be true. Kirby has so many cute characters to make as plushies! Now I'm thinking of an Elfilin BAB... 🥺🥺

  22. Well, so much for my plushie ban. 🤣 Guess marvin is getting a sister!

  23. Nooooo my wallet! 😭gonna have to wait for this one on sale...

  24. AWWW! I love your art style! <3 I can't wait to see your other BAB drawings in the future. I hope tiramisu comes home soon too. 🥹

  25. Aww your mom looks so sweet🥹! Happy birthday!🥳

  26. Thank you <3 hearing that will make my mom happy too. I'm glad my parents are able to have such fun with me in store as I do! We're all big plushie collectors and even managed to get both my mom and stepdad their own bearlien and baby groot. :D

  27. Yay Happy birthday! Mine is this week too and I might go to build a bear too! I have no idea if you’re looking for name recommendations but Ive always thought Obsidian and Lazuli would be cool Pokémon names!

  28. Omg, gemstone names would be cute, too! I'll keep these in mind.💕 and thank you! I'm on the way to the mall now

  29. I haven't counted personally? But I probably have 20 with 21 and 22 tomorrow when I go in-store.

  30. Oh my GOD. 😭 BAB stopppp! It's almost my birthday too and they totally remind me of when I got to go to an alpaca farm for my b-day.

  31. Honestly, as a collector, I understand the appeal of mint condition! But I also have little self control.🤣 I even remove my funko pops from their boxes because I feel bad about spending money and just... letting them gather dust! I feel the same way about my bears. I don't have the kind of money to get my dreamies, but I do have personal favorites that sit on my shelves, but they get their fair share of love. Sylveon is one of the more 'rare' pokemon BABs I guess I have in my collection and I love cuddling her!

  32. I love him! Even if this little guy has had a rough few years, you look like you did your best to care for your sonic. It warms my heart ❤️

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