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  1. I usually squat and pinch, but I also try to push it down a bit further with my pelvic floor so I can get a good grip on it.

  2. I wear a liner just in case it isn’t sitting in right, especially when I’m at work and can’t get to the bathroom as often. But I wear a pad at night just in case i don’t get it on time

  3. I know when I use mine towards the end of my period I get headaches. I just remove it and use an alternative until it’s done. It’s fine up until I’m on my last couple days of it.

  4. Donairs. I prefer mine actually cold over hot, I get told I’m weird but they just taste better to me that way

  5. I had Covid about a month or so ago. My symptoms were like a bad cold nothing crazy. Now i am pretty sure I had the very first strain way back in 2019 before it was a huge pandemic. And I can say my asthma got 10x worse from it. This last one my asthma almost to pretty much disappeared… so as for running I don’t have a lot of issues anymore like I used to.

  6. When Family Day became a thing, a lot of companies gave up the optional Civic holiday in Aug because that extra day off in Feb.

  7. Oh ok.. strange thing to do but hey whatever the governments want they get I guess 🤷🏼‍♀️

  8. It’s showing up on my phone calender!

  9. It’s showing up on mine too but showing only certain provinces.

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