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  1. Idk. Paid my cousin to play for me as I had no time for this daily crap. The Halloween event was very amusing, albeit slow and difficult at first.

  2. Can I just say spite of the letter arriving to the wrong address...write this guy back. Even if it's just to say it was sent to the wrong address and that you aren't interested in corresponding. I can tell you, from experience, that "mail call" is like Christmas morning to some guys (and girls) who are serving a sentence. I can personally remember not getting any mail for months and months and it can be pretty discouraging to say the least. It would be harmless to correspond with this guy as long as you let your intentions be known from the outset. I had pen-pals (pardon the pun) from as far away as Australia writing me and really helped to get me through. Not everyone that goes to prison is a monster or a perpetrator or violent. Sometimes our actions and decisions get us into the kind of trouble we had never anticipated and we find ourselves in places we could have never imagined. BTW....getting letters and forming friendships with people really opened my eyes and changed my whole perspective on life to the point that I only served the one sentence and got my life on track soon after being released. I have been living a productive and mostly happy life since then. Just one guys opinion and experience. I understand why most would be apprehensive about writing back but this might just be the one thing that turns this guy around.

  3. What if he was sentenced for stomping on puppies and strangling babies?

  4. That could be. This is making assumptions. I don't know what he's doing time for....I said in my comment that not everyone is a monster, perpetrator or violent.

  5. Ah yes, you did. I lost sight of it. I just wanted to make sure all perspectives were touched on.

  6. Single player settings. 0.2 difficulty (yes you can kill bosses with level 70s). 10x tame and breed stuff. 3x or 4x resources (how many rocks you wanna hit?) and exp to whatever you want (I prefer 99x as I do not want to level Dino’s or myself when I could be enjoying stuff).

  7. Wish I had a print of it. I have your Tifa I got from you at NYCC hanging up!

  8. Halo Infinite is so full of British accents I could swear the cannon was rewritten to the British Empire colonizing the galaxy.

  9. If you want Biden to announce it so bad I am sure he would mention that every republican voted against it.

  10. They would also run out of energy. But yeah, dehydration would stiffen the tendons and render them permanently stiff.

  11. Reused tape and crumpled paper. Seems legit.

  12. If it is about planet habitation then you can kill a page talking about stars. The different types of stars and the energy they emit as well as life span.

  13. Single player is fantastic. You can also set it to how you want to play. Plus you have control of admin commands to do anything you want. Set it to PvE so there is no cryogenic sickness and enable single player settings. These are a must.

  14. how are you going to kill a boss if the max level is 36

  15. Taming bonus and leveling. Bosses still are level 1, but do less damage and take more damage. I did a test yesterday. Set to 0.2 difficulty, spawned 14 Therizinos who ended up at level 70, basic saddle, and a Yutyrannus. Went to Gamma Dragon and they fought it in the lava. 2 died, but boss went down without an issue. Again, they were fighting in the lava and were never leveled up and had no veggie cakes.

  16. I am still wondering who an expert would be? A mathematician?

  17. Is that the same left hand in the first two cards?

  18. First shiny was Pokemon Silver on Gameboy. Zubat in the cave by Slowpoke well. But 1/4096 for your game. Older games are harder to encounter a ahiny.

  19. On top of what was said, dinosaurs eat from alliance troughs.

  20. Nothing locks you out. You can also delete the save data and do it again if you wanted. You can also do a local host and get it fresh for achievements.

  21. Christians are so out of touch with reality. It is sad.

  22. I still haven’t finished Final Fantasy 13 for this reason. Didn’t want the game to end, I enjoyed it so much.

  23. I am playing through FF7 once again, but this time I am keeping save points every so often so I can pick up at that point and continue playing.

  24. All thr churches say different things and have nothing to back it up. All biology says the same thing and has hundreds of years of study and evidence to back it up. Pretty simple.

  25. You had to sign up for the code, which was casually mentioned halfway through a typical e-mail around April Fool's day. People either did not see it or did not believe it.

  26. Props to him for filling up an entire page with a single paragraph.

  27. The mountains obviously look different. Check dark spots and slopes. Second picture taken more to the right from the first.

  28. Must be terrifying to be forced to do/watch this stuff, otherwise the tyrant will have you killed.

  29. I hate it when I just watched it, but wanted to go back to check something or if I had accidentally clicked something else, then be forced to watch ads again.

  30. Has to take 49+ damage in a single hit. Put focus sash on it and fight a wild high level. Get hit, swap Pokémon, and run/KO. Then try the arch.

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