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  1. Cookie monster about to take your cookies not give them to you

  2. If your Croque is 5* you could gradually buy upgrades materials from the vulnerability shop, unless you want to build Betty (although you already have Nascita and Aki, and won't be needing her as much).

  3. To add to this, it's worth pointing out that the amount of EXP needed to level one Doll from 60 to 70 is almost

  4. Jesus christ thats basically 60ing 3 units, guess ill stay away from it for now 🗿

  5. Shit i am leaving tomorrow and wont be home for 5 days

  6. Just pray or ask a friend to come by ur house occasionally

  7. 2 of these posts in 24 hours, game is really generous, take that c1 boobjia amigo

  8. Oh I can't seem to find what that is? Could you send a link?

  9. kestral queen and karin with their best sets and double immortality, last one can be whatever but i used to bait rosa ult backwards

  10. basically they bricked a lot of progression for beginner the biggest problem i see is passive exp farming. a lot of maze gears were also locked behind d50 that were previously accessible from challenge shop. Dc shops also became more priority to buy but there are competing items you need to buy which was a terrible decision on bside’s part. dimensional trimming is basically gated for new players without 3 max ships and good teams, especially swift farm. though they did make maze gear “farmable”, doing 2000 runs on swift is probably gonna take a while

  11. overall very helpful UI updates with all the added ticket count info but….

  12. No worries I know it's a good advice. Thanks man 🫡👍

  13. bro just unlock the latent first if u get debuff res or something worthless you just bricked ur entire bin account

  14. "if you don't know you're literally a chemically brainwashed slave, it's better for Our Democracy TM because we keep on larping about liberty and autonomy"

  15. for context i have ahori, ajake, ministra, asy, ajia, and arhat

  16. Yuna, zo shiyon, Evolved one.. which one will be the best?

  17. yuna and joo shiyoon, e1 is farmable but if you get one of the three with the random coupon just get the rest of the 2

  18. Is it strange that Joo shiyoon is there but Horizon isnt? Didn't horizon come first or is that due to other server schedule?

  19. in kr ahori came after arhat iirc, anywahs ahori is sss in pvp so best she not in ticket

  20. Spanish murder detective: "another gay communist graveyard stabbing, third one this week"

  21. I’ll never forgive the gay knife wielding communists!

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