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  1. I was a healthy weight all my life and only became overweight in adulthood. (I’ve since lost the excess weight and am at a normal BMI again.) In the process of losing the weight, I realized I’d kind of drifted from the healthy habits my parents instilled in me growing up.

  2. Wear it a notch looser. There should be a slight gap between the watch and your skin.

  3. I had to Google what a butter mint was lol. Guessing the body butter is like a sweet peppermint smell? Canadian company Rocky Mountain Soap has a full range of

  4. It is likely you did, in fact, burn 850 calories. You burn most of your calories just living life. Your internal organs burn calories keeping you alive (all night). Breathing burns calories. Chores might burn a few more calories, but it is most just living that burns calories. Exercise adds just a few more to your calorie burn count.

  5. This. OP should also take into account the weight/height they input into their Fitbit. Someone who’s larger or taller will expend more energy simply because when they move their body they’re moving a larger mass around.

  6. Pro: I get to wear my Christmas barre socks and the knee-high ones that feel too warm at other times of the year!

  7. So cute and festive! This post just influenced me to change my clock face for the first time in a year, so thanks ☺️

  8. I try my best to guesstimate. If I can’t do that, I make a wild ass guess. There are 2 entries for special occasion meals in my logging app:

  9. Speaking as a Canadian, the TJ’s staples I always stock up on when I cross the border are the Thai Lime & Chili Cashews and a couple of the beauty items (the Rose Water Facial Toner and the Ultra Moisturizing Hand Cream). Some of the specialty seasoning blends like Everything But The Bagel might be good too?

  10. I love my Versa 2 as a basic fitness tracker and the price on it is pretty good right now too. A lot of people complain on this sub and in fitness subs about the inaccuracy of fitness trackers and how Fitbit breaks down quickly, but I’ve had mine for over a year and it still works great, and for me at least, the numbers have been accurate enough to help me lose 20lbs.

  11. You’re already doing a lot of the right things! The vitamin D will help a lot. I was going to suggest taking a group class so you have a built-in excuse to get out of the house and be around others but you’re already doing that with martial arts.

  12. FWIW I’m 5’3” 135lbs and I consider this my “happy weight.” I know I can maintain it without over-restricting food or over-exercising. It’s a weight that lets me enjoy restaurant meals with my husband on date nights and feel strong and energetic when I work out. It’s a weight that makes me feel good in my clothes and allows my jeans and rings to fit again. It’s at the higher end of the normal range in BMI but it’s the right weight for my mind and body to be their healthiest. Everyone’s “happy weight” is different.

  13. I had the same surgery several years ago and honestly, aside from walks, I’d just rest and recover. The doctor recommended timeframe for resuming core workouts was something like 6 weeks from what I recall. What’s 1.5 months in the grand scheme of things, especially when you’re recovering from surgery? I did lose some core strength but it bounced back.

  14. The various swing and salsa venues? Also ballroom places.

  15. These places are only fun if you already know how to do the dance style or if you’re prepared to do partner dancing. If OP is just looking to cut loose on a dance floor in a crowd with loud music this is not it. Source: am a former salsa person.

  16. I have similar stats, although I’m choosing to maintain at 135lbs because I feel like that’s my happy weight. With some of my jeans that are slightly too loose, I’ve been tucking in fitted tops and using a belt. They weren’t skinny jeans to begin with (more of a cropped bootcut), so I feel like I can get away with wearing them with 90s-inspired fitted tank tops and bodysuits.

  17. Congrats on your weight loss so far! There’s no substitute for consistency and time, and honestly, going slow and steady is going to give you a lot more flexibility to contemplate your relationship with food and the sustainable habits that’ll help keep the weight off in the future.

  18. I love doing a Monthly Check-in page with journaling prompts:

  19. The illustration in the corner is giving me ALL the cozy vibes!

  20. I did this last December and it worked out great. The key was treating maintenance as just that—maintenance. It wasn’t about going wild eating all the treats. I’d have the bigger meals celebrating Christmas and New Year’s Eve, but the rest of the time I ate like I normally would and I still exercised. I started January exactly where I left off in my goals but I felt mentally refreshed.

  21. Hey, I remember your earlier post and I’m one of the ones who voted for boxing! I’m sorry your experience was not 100% positive as a beginner, but it’s great to hear you tried it. There’s something very vulnerable about picking up boxing in adulthood (late 30s over here) with zero prior martial arts experience and a welcoming coach can make or break that initial experience.

  22. That is cute AF, but I'm not willing to drop $600! (Even if it lasts years, idk what if I lose more weight...)

  23. Fair! For the future, if you had a price range in mind, it might be helpful info to include in the initial criteria.

  24. Yeah, the Save On Foods deli soups are not the most nutritionally sound. Check out

  25. Thank you so much I’ll definitely check it out!! It was my first time ever buying the soup, figured it would be an easy meal. Is soup etc sold in stores or only online?

  26. I get mine through Spud (I’m in Vancouver), but there’s a “find a retailer” function on their website! Just plug in your postal code.

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