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  1. You know without usa, uk, and france, you would be Ottoman Empire territory right?

  2. ΀ι λΡς ρΡ... the UK is the only country in this list which helped us in any way against the Turks.

  3. W*stoids hate their own "food". Thats why Mcdonalds and Burger King is in every town there.

  4. Balkan fast food is at least actual food. The American chains are disgusting

  5. Each region and city in the Balkans has more historical and cultural significance and is therefore worth more than your empty, British imprinted wastelands (which you stole from defenseless natives) and ugly artificial cities.

  6. You didnt do a good job. My great grandparents came from Smyrna.

  7. What if they get back together? Would the original bond be re-blessed by a priest?

  8. Doesnt need to. They were and are still married in the eyes of the church.

  9. What happens if one of the partners dies? Does the other one get to remarry or should they stay single?

  10. The Church would advise to stay solo since we obviously believe in an afterlife and that death isnt the end of it all.

  11. Thats why I said with population exchange. Greek too big brain again.

  12. Even disregarding the theological acpect, imagine choosing to meet a boring celebrity over the most influential person in history.

  13. There was a whole debate and clash around this topic in the church already. Icons are not idols. We arent praying to icons. Depictions of the Father are not allowed because He didnt make Himself visible physically and manifested in an earthly manner, depictions of the Son are very much allowed if they are drawn in faith and abide to the guidelines of the Church.

  14. I know this may sound stupid but what about the Holy Spirit?

  15. Turkish diaspora should have some Ottoman design, because the average diaspora is 'conservative/religous'.

  16. Every Turk nationalist has a boner for Ataturk bro, what you on about?

  17. Not always. The cost of keeping a car and buying it in general are lower in countries like Germany.

  18. I hate this fucking song. Probably Serbian and Greek musicians made this song.

  19. You just named the two countries with the best music in the Balkans

  20. Bro forget about having genetically a percentage of your Balkan enemy and being sad, if I got 17,4% English I would cry.

  21. Nice straw man. The sex comes predetermined with a gender.

  22. The short insults inbetween lol. Most civilized Turk-Greek conversation.

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