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  1. As someone living downtown, it will be nice to have an easier time getting to destinations on the west side. Because of the Tunney's connection, I've actually gone that way less than I did pre-LRT (when you could just hop on one 90 bus). I'll probably go to Bayshore and IKEA more often, and even Kanata will be decently viable (just like Orleans is now, and will be even more once that extension is finished).

  2. Will Sutcliffe suggest again that Trudeau meet with their leaders?

  3. Sutcliffe was provided an opportunity to really toss Watson and co under the bus but chose not to. As a taxpayer, he should be outraged at the crap that went on here and said so. I hope the next 4 years arent a repeat of the last...

  4. The funny part is that if he was still just an editorial columnist for the Citizen, he would have definitely written a scathing critique of the LRT mismanagement.

  5. I never thought there was anything wrong with just simply getting headshots

  6. The problem was always it was only headshots until you got the 50/100 needed to unlock the other camo challenges all at once. If some of the more circumstantial ones were unlocked earlier, you'd accumulate some of them naturally while playing.

  7. Dreaming of Shipment reboot to help get my camos.

  8. I've generally been stopping progress on some of the harder guns when they get to the double kill or prone challenges until Shipment comes out (unless I need to level it up enough to unlock another gun), and focusing on getting gold on guns without them on Shoot House.

  9. Apparently there is a backlog of SRM 2000 cases long so I hear you on that haha. I feel for all the IT staff lol

  10. Doing the 180 on WFH didn't help either. I remember when going in to get a new laptop "compatible" with the new cubicles (even though it was just fine working from home), they said they were overwhelmed on the hardware end, since almost everyone needed to get new laptops. I ended up with one that's half busted, and only works properly when connected to the converter box/keyboard/monitors.

  11. They should come back if you close and restart the game. As far as I've seen, I haven't lost any because of it. It's a bug that must have come in the recent update.

  12. Downtown Gatineau/Hull is a dangerous and dirty hellhole and deserves to die. Maybe you shouldn't force thousands of people to cross on just two bridges twice a day on the worst run public transit in the continent? Maybe you shouldn't send them to work in buildings full of bats, asbestos, rats, non opening windows, black mould and undrinkable water. Hmmm I wonder why it's not working?

  13. I remember looking at downtown Gatineau as an option due to cheaper rents, and proximity to potential government employers. Then I noticed that there were no real grocery stores within walking distance of downtown (Compared to 3-4 in Ottawa, depending on how you define downtown). You can't build an urban community on depanneurs alone.

  14. It is a definite problem but i'll gladly take my car/bike to get groceries a little further if I can save 800$+ a month on rent.

  15. There's also the added time of getting to places in Ottawa via transit. If only they were closer to getting that tram/LRT loop to downtown Ottawa, to integrate the transit networks with fewer needs for buses.

  16. I wonder if TB is hoping that the longer they drag this out, the more entrenched hybrid work is, if not fulltime in-office, so they can water down any telework commitments, making them more aspirational or conditional. Basically, allowing telework in principle, but also providing no recourse if a department decides to refuse basically all telework requests with little justification (i.e., the pre-COVID days).

  17. It would actually be an improvement if tracers could be turned off (if you like the blueprint design/camo, but don't want to expose yourself in "serious" play), or can be obtained for use on any gun.

  18. Turtle backs are legit just awful players. People think they're so good with it back there but in reality it just means you're bad and need the crutch.

  19. The problem is that they made Overkill a base perk. In their new system, it's necessary to be there, because gaining it mid-match would mess up your class. But because there isn't a huge tradeoff for using it, as you get a second choice in the category, and none of them are absolutely necessary, more people are using it.

  20. Even celebrating legends. The one thing I liked pre covid was when they went through Memphis and had a bunch of legends just come on stage.

  21. Or the one time at Full Gear last year: Baron von Raschke "happened" to be in the front row, and they did a little bit with him doing the Iron Claw on Ethan Page. Not just a WWE-style "10 second cut to the celeb and a lower third with their name" cameo.

  22. Fortify against ground attack obviously. You can’t capture land with artillery.

  23. Ground forces need food, water, fuel, ammo, etc. If supplies are cut off/destroyed, positions can't be held. And unlike Ukrainians, mobiks have limited interest or skill in last stands or guerrilla operations.

  24. Not to mention that with Germany and Japan (and the UK early on during the Blitz), they were losing on all fronts.

  25. My quiet non-compliance of RTO by continuing to work from home at StatCan continues (over 2 months now). No one has said anything, which is surprising!

  26. It feels like some managers are operating under a policy of Don't Ask (if you have to come in) Don't Tell (us you are still WFH every day).

  27. This time they actually withdrew a lot of equipment. They started doing it a few weeks before the announcment and were using civilians as human shield, apparently

  28. You can make three acquisition requests per month, though it's limited to books published in the last three years, and not everything gets approved (some are denied, or just sit pending review forever). But since the standard acquisitions, based on what comes up in searches for new books on order, seems to be too focused on cookbooks and gardening, if there's some other topic you're interested in, a request might convince them to get it.

  29. Ironically, the route from downtown to the airport is getting less reliable the more they "improve" it.

  30. I started stopping in front of the car and pointing to the stop sign/crosswalk sign and asking them what's going on? It works but I have little to no regard for my own safety, much to my partners dismay.

  31. The worst is when they give the awkward "Oops, sorry [I almost ran you over]!" wave.

  32. Really blows my mind that they do this. You'd figure they'd make more money getting you in the building for half the price buying merch and concessions and what not.

  33. Having recently visited DC, where all the Smithsonian museums are free, they probably got more money from me in souvenirs than they would have gotten in admissions (since I would have gone to less interesting (to me) museums if they charged for them).

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