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  1. And he's actually doing his job. Unlike TFG who lives to be in the headlines.

  2. Please there be knife fights between these douche

  3. All i imagine now is a knife fight in an old timey red british telephone booth, with these two

  4. This has nothing to do with whether it will work or not. It is meant to make the USA ungovernable and completely divided. Thats it. This is Putin's big goal.

  5. Trying to put the fear of G*d in the russian population. As if they are in any way under threat. But at this point he has very few options to get them to comply. They are beginning to see what is really happening. He is under threat of a major uprising if he does not find a way to justify this war.

  6. Was this not like Lorenzo's oil? Trying to find the exact oil that can promote healing or prevent damage in cases like this?

  7. Does he not have a one of the best forms of education US can provide? Yale? So damn the next generation?

  8. Gauranteed next up, every single school girl in florida from 11years have to be monitored. Complete control is the endgame.

  9. The GOP wants complete power. I am amazed that owners of big business do not understand this and still donate to them and still support and vote for them. Once they are in full control, Business will do as they say. No more no less. Or is it just hoping the leopard does not eat your face and you can get tax breaks.

  10. I have a feeling, that like with Hitler, nobody wants to be the first one to stop clapping. As soon as the first indictment hits, the rest will follow very fast

  11. Research suggests music is the last thing to go in Dementia patients. I honestly think love is

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