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Australian farms, what the actual fuck 😱

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That looks so good

  1. And now I'm getting nervous cos when theres one I bet theres more

  2. They can have colour variation (

  3. Just tip her bro. Shes clearly had a rough day of people in good neighborhoods like you not sparing a dime.

  4. Ah yes, the worst thing about beaches these days, the various creams

  5. Did you make this house in survival? Pretty good for a house without cheats.

  6. Yeah just a temporary base while I make some gems selling vegetables at a nearby village. I never really settle down properly because I'm always searching for the perfect spot for a permanent set up

  7. Loving watching meat eaters haing a seizure over a cow getting petted in these comments

  8. Fucking hell i hate the internet. NOT EVERYTHING HAS TO HAVE AN AGENDA


  10. The joke police police has entered the chat.

  11. And by your logic, the joke police police police has entered the chat.

  12. Exactly, if anyone is going to smear themselves in shit in my house its gonna be me

  13. Stardew Valley, New Super Mario Bros, Zelda BOTW

  14. If the homeless person was male the comments would be very different

  15. Love this one!!! Every time i get high my brain gets so tangled in this lol

  16. Really? Ever opened a can and had a look inside before the first sip?

  17. Thankyou for pointing this out, I'm not very smart

  18. You look like someone who I would take advice from

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