News from Pasargad

  1. "There's no god! / Бога Нет!"

  2. America had a problem with syphilis in the 1910s. This poster warned men against young women who might spread the disease.

  3. Papen (monarchist candidate), Hitler (Nazi candidate), Thälmann (Communist candidate).

  4. Czechoslovak propaganda poster (1951) contrasting a cheery scene of Soviet engineers overseeing construction of the Main Turkmen Canal with a scene of American destruction in Asia.

  5. Issued by the Ministry of Home Security and printed by James Hawthorn & Brother Ltd

  6. The cartoon is by U.S. Abell and was published in the Christian magazine 'Moody Monthly', for which Abell worked for almost three decades.

  7. Caption: 'The United States in the conflict - For the last blow to the 'natural enemy of freedom', a new great force has come to join the Allies'.

  8. Cartoon is by Yuliy Ganf and was published in Krokodil magazine.

  9. China launched the campaign in 1958 in an effort to eradicate the four designated pest species of rats, mosquitoes, flies and sparrows.

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