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  1. I read this WAY too fast and thought two guys were showing up with baklava. In that case, sign me up.

  2. They have a mobile device connected to their account? If so, temporarily turn ALL of them off and see if behavior changes.

  3. 15 years in the industry should demand more than 85-100k right?

  4. Part of this is going to be physical location.

  5. But is the current job remote? If not, and this is his/her current salary range, it's what they're used to and what they're after. I don't disagree with you though. Just thinking of where the range is coming from.

  6. I have a waffle iron from my grandmother. It's OLD. And works (worked?) great. Not looking to replace it with something modern. Pretty simply workings, but what I can't understand is how the "thermostat" works.

  7. It's going to be a bimetallic strip. Two pieces of different metal sandwiched together, with different coefficients of thermal expansion. As the temperature changes, the two metals push and pull on each other, allowing the piece to move. Make this piece into a coil (the coil seen in the bottom-left corner), and it will curl and uncurl itself as temperature changes. We harness this movement to connect or disconnect circuits. You can find some great info on it from Technology Connections on youtube.

  8. Ah, got it. Good info. Now, based on how this is wired, it would appear that BOTH elements are going to be on or off at the same time, though, right? Any thoughts on why, potentially, one would stay on and one would cycle?

  9. For anyone looking for this answer later in life - once you setup the agent on the new hardware and migrate the VM over, it's seamless. Didn't have to start a new replication. Worked great.

  10. Make sure windows updates are relatively up to date on existing DCs. Some Kerberos changes in the past two months. If not already up to date, get them to September 2022. Don’t go right to October if way out of date.

  11. Already suggested, but I'll second it - if my client wants to take advantage of the 20% discount on an annual contract, they're paying up-front. The end, no discussions, thanks for stopping in.

  12. Earlier today I asked my Channel Account Manager for the renewal SKU for Essential Services (used to be CGSS) on my NFR TZ270W. He gave me the SKU and the partner price. I'm sending that to Ingram for a quote prior to fulfillment.

  13. I should clarify. In the past, my NFRs were $0. Free. No cost.

  14. Basically what I said above in my question.

  15. We use Passportal. They had an AD app (Which is okay, some have had issues with it, we've been okay.) It can manage AD accounts and change them and record the new passwords. Tech leaves, you can go in to Passportal and tell it to change every AD account that tech ever touched (And it tracks that too.)

  16. Do yourself a favor and use a mail filtering gateway like Postini (just kidding Google bought and killed that best of breed) Proofpoint or Mimecast (or find a better smaller player).

  17. Yeh, I second this. If your Exchange server is sending directly (Not via a gateway), you're going to have issues most likely. Just be sure to update that SPF record when/if you start sending via a gateway.

  18. I would like one casual long term relationship please

  19. It’s Comcast’s SecurityEdge “service”. Support can turn it off. Until it turns back on a few days/weeks later (might be if router reboots, updates?)

  20. Personally I find immediately sitting 1 on 1 with a stranger and just talking kind of intense and I struggle to feel truly relaxed and comfortable, which obviously isn't going to make for a good impression. Like the other person said, it feels like a formal job interview.

  21. Snooker? That’s one I don’t hear often! Haven’t played in years! 👍

  22. There's a snooker hall near me, got a bar and TV's showing sports and stuff. It's pretty fun for a date because you can just play up or down to how good the other person is. If they're a newbie you can teach them, and not to be too saucy but if they're open to it it's an opportunity to be handsy. Like teaching them how to hold the cue and stuff.

  23. It’s a great one! In another life, friend taught me how to play. Lots of good memories there. Thanks for the reminder!

  24. I gave up trying to do reports IN Automate. I use CFAR -

  25. Looks like a really cool way to get reports, however, I am not a budget leader and cannot approve software purchases.

  26. Understood. But if it does what you need (They'll do a trial), definitely worth getting it in front of the budget people.

  27. That always bothers me a lot more than it should. I guess I take a certain level of pride in my grammar. I cannot understand how others don’t.

  28. I went to Catholic grade school. My knuckles would have been hit with a ruler by now, so I also have proper grammar engrained (Literally) in me.

  29. Synnex. Have been great for 10 years. Getting slightly concerned now with Techdata merger.

  30. pretty much the only one on that list we get is a user trying to delete Adobe Reader icon. Which come in as a file operation.

  31. We've been running AE for about 2 years now across all of our customers, since no one anywhere is a local admin. I can't say users are trying to fiddle with things, but if they want to change something simple like a mouse setting (No idea if this requires admin, just picking something), then I'm fine with that. Would just be nice to get more details from AE.

  32. The devices are probably in Live mode. And unless you expect it to be in that mode, it should be in Policy mode instead.

  33. We want users to be able to request elevation, we just want more info to make that determination. The idea behind the software, in a situation like this, is to allow the user to do what they need, assuming we're okay with it. Cut down on tickets and calls. Policy won't do that for us.

  34. $250?! Who’s the sitter, Martha Stewart?

  35. I'd be curious what the "never" people are doing. Have they never encountered a situation where their pool went green? Never realized their SWG wasn't running and they were sitting at 0 FC? It's interesting.

  36. I’ve had my pool since 2017. Beyond the first time I opened, haven’t shocked it again.

  37. That's a hell of a streak! Keep it going! I think I've probably shocked 3-4 times in 10 years? Maintain it properly and you just never need to.

  38. I have an auto-cover that I also use as my Winter cover. It needs the water level to stay at normal levels to handle the weight of snow. I'm in the Philly PA burbs, and we get a good freeze here. As another poster said, I put a gizmo in the skimmer and that's it. Has done well for us for the past 10 years. I blow out all the lines and cap. Put whatever I can under airlock.

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