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  1. Not a fan of the Topps shield design, but it’s a rare KDB collectible. Seems like a decent deal to me

  2. I have a very powerful imagination friend when I learn about a games lore I start getting into a fixation my friend

  3. I can see why your nails and bed are so dirty if you pick up stuff from the street 🫣

  4. Then i would maybe grade it but it wont get a good grade.

  5. I had a few guys on some of the football card Facebook groups look at it and they seem to think it could possibly get an 8, I think overall I’d be happy with that, still considered NM.

  6. With that corner i think a 7 is more realistisc but you never know with PSA.

  7. Its real and looks to be in great shape and centering is really good 👍

  8. If you got an addiction i wouldnt buy anything.

  9. For the art Umbreon VMAX Alt Art but for the money Logan Pauls Illustrator card.

  10. Träd kan inte överleva utan rotsystem 🤦‍♂️

  11. More like how to show everyone outside that your going upstairs.

  12. Yes. I've used for a few in person autos on vintage cards that I know won't grade well. Just want it slabbed and authenticate for PC. There is a section where you can see the price list based on player. Form to fill out and choose player.

  13. Ok great. Im thinking that if its like a 1/1 there is not really any point in grading it since there is only one of it and if its in good condition? What do you think of that?

  14. If this is real i would have said that i take all they have.

  15. Cant find any of the sportscards i search for and thats from Topps and Panini 😢

  16. Because you can play where ever you are as long as you got a phone with you and share wifi with the switch.

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