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  1. get a doctors note and get accommodations from sedgewick. I have had coworkers who needed this accommodation, they just had to have a sealed container (like a water bottle) and wash their hands after using it

  2. I don’t know if that’ll work my very pregnant manager was issued a write up from our SM for drinking water on the floor and I’m pretty sure she had or could get a doctors note

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  4. Why not ask your insurance adjuster? Bad luck sorry. Will depend on structural inspection after they inspect the damage as is.

  5. It just got reported and my insurance company said they have a lot of cases so it’ll take them longer to reach out

  6. That sucks. Patience. Do you have rental coverage?

  7. I don’t think so also I’m only 18 so I don’t think I can even get a rental

  8. Damn that sucks and hopefully dealing with insurance isn’t too big of a pain.

  9. My sympathies to you, mate. It sucks that the Mazda got stolen. Hopefully the police will find it quickly. Don't know if you believe in karma, but I think your old Kia is right now grinning from the used cars lot.

  10. Do you have the app? There’s a feature that shows the location.

  11. No I don’t have the app I didn’t realize there is one, should I get it now

  12. It’s definitely gonna cost more to repair than what it’s worth I say scrap

  13. Who’s at fault, don’t worry I’ll believe you.

  14. Technically I was at fault… but I’m actuality my boss was at fault because she scheduled me too early and I was rushing to work

  15. Hey I'm happy everyone is okay but sorry no, you are both technically AND actually at fault. You boss may be lousy but you were behind the wheel.

  16. No yeah I realize that I was just being sarcastic and trying to make a light hearted joke at a bad situation

  17. This is a question for your insurance company. Not the internet.

  18. I know but no one’s really been helpful so far so I figured didn’t hurt to ask🤷🏾‍♀️

  19. Where the cookie crumbles at on the frappuccino? 🫣

  20. Ok but putting brown sugar syrup in the oatmeal doesn't sound too bad thinking about it

  21. I usually put a couple pumps of brown sugar in my oatmeal it’s pretty good

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