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  1. Late to the party but do you think Johnston will see much playing time?

  2. In time yes, perhaps not right off the bat. Celtic require their fullbacks to play a very specific and crucial role in the team, they often play inverted and typically spend a lot of time essentially playing as midfielders as much as fullbacks. Celtic also don’t have to rush him in as they have a 9 point lead at the top of the table and a serviceable right back in Anthony Ralston. Johnston will become Celtics number 1, but I don’t envision them throwing him in right away.

  3. I follow a fair amount of NFL-based accounts on twitter so I’m glad the Americans got knocked out. They don’t half talk some amount of utter shite about football.

  4. It’s the same living in Canada at the moment, guys who only understand hockey trying to talk about football, and it’s very clear they don’t have a clue what the fuck they’re talking about

  5. Bring Scottish and living in Canada is knowing that at any moment, I can say Cunt and it would be the equivalent of hitting a nuclear bomb on someone. They hate that word here

  6. Always nice to have a Alistair William Johnston in there

  7. This just wasn't practical in the past due to travel costs but I see it as way less of an issue today. Personally I'd love to see it happen. Hopefully we can start by having Copa America expanded to always include the top concacaf teams. I think it would be neat if we had a merging of club continental competitions too.

  8. Would Canada, USA and Mexico be able to break away separately like how Australia left Oceania for Asia?

  9. Show this to TSN and tell them that Canada could win the draft lottery…

  10. Great article. Thanks for sharing. I’m glad to see new generations are shunning old school media. Can’t believe the Daily Mail (UK) is still operating; it’s an embarrassment.

  11. I’m British, The Daily Mail are a national embarrassment

  12. Thanks for sharing this. It gives a good counter view to the negative article floating around.

  13. I started writing it the moment THAT article got publish, absolute hatchet piece

  14. Stats like this are nonsensical though, Manning first played 20 years before Tua, ‘‘twas a different era

  15. I think the criticism has been over the top, particularly the Jones article, but not speaking to the non-official media is legit criticism if he is an outlier. If it's good enough for Messi then it's good enough for Davies.

  16. Not really, Davies doesn’t have to speak to anyone he isn’t contractually obliged to

  17. He doesn’t have to, but if he always leaves it to his teammates then he gets to live with the criticism. It’s a job that is going to get done; either he helps with the load or he doesn’t.

  18. Again, his teammates also don’t have to. It’s their prerogative

  19. Yupp. I’m fine with it for now, but no more. We’re going to the GOLD Cup next year to win it, and we’re going to 2026 to compete.

  20. The small British guy has been quite critical of Herdman. I don't know his name.

  21. Calling him English is like calling you an American, except with imperialist overtones.

  22. The way I understand it is the field is expanding to 48 teams and Canada has an automatic birth, and should have a more favourable draw being in Pot 1 or Pot 2.

  23. Pfft, wake me up when there’s a commemorative Lego bus

  24. The Saskatchewan team looks set to play in Saskatoon, I’d love there one day to be a team in Regina also to create a rivalry

  25. No one from the Vancouver, Montreal or Toronto markets will be interested in going to those matches. I think it’s the same reason the CFL struggles in TO, and to a lesser extent Vancouver. It’s not the big game in town (NHL, NBA and MLB)

  26. And if John Herdmans auntie had balls, she’d be his uncle

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