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  1. Only the way she words it isn't in a sentence. It's in her incoherent mashing of words: "I'm fine and everything."

  2. Can someone please please summarize what she said? I can't watch her because her "statements" genuinely make me too mad, and reading what she says is the best I can do at this point.

  3. I have SO FUCKinG MANY OF THOSE. It drives me crazy, and I cannot figure it out, because I'm definitely not late (almost ever). And, it shows me being almost exactly 1:30 every time, which I have never once done. It's very clearly an error on their side. I've just put it into "everything's made up and the points don't matter" in my brain, because it's not technically on the contract.

  4. What concerns me is they might slip it into their reason for letting teacher go because technically it's considered a "service failure." They're sneaky like that. I have lots of late arrivals too, some which I know I were my fault. I may have gone in the classroom 30-40 seconds in from a chatty and/or slow student in the previous lesson or because of other issues (classroom loading, etc). Yet some I know I was on time for. I haven't tried to appeal any because I figured they don't count against the contract, but maybe they will in the future?!

  5. In the promotion email, I remember reading that it's $2 extra but I just taught my first pre-k group class and got paid the same amount. Really disappointed. I didn't enjoy it at all. The interface was glitchy. It was a bit chaotic. Too stressful for the same pay.

  6. Beautiful! I love it too. I wish we had more custom design slots. I have so many areas I want to add custom paths too but I've already filled up my slots.

  7. How's that going? I applied a few months ago and didn't get past the interview video.

  8. Nice! This is my goal! I never beat it when I had it in the N64. Don't even know what happened to our old 64. But I have it again and I'm determined this time.

  9. Wall, windows, document stack design, and doors: MA-7812-9701-2247

  10. Thank you for sharing these. I just looked at your Insta. Your island looks amazing! Great design. Do you have a Dream Address code?

  11. Should put a wheelchair on the handicap space with some footprints going to the store

  12. haha. Yes. As someone in a wheelchair who hates it when people park on the handicap spot without a sticker or blocks those who do need it, I'd find it hilarious to see that.

  13. I really lucked out having Sandy on my island. She’s even got the tacky eyeshadow that Sweet Dee has in the earlier seasons hahaha

  14. She's perfect for the role of Dee! Love this! I want to visit your island now and yell "Shut up bird!" Then I'd feel bad for yelling at Sandy.

  15. I’d love to see a 5 star garbage island! (Not it)

  16. I saw a great one on TagBackTV's YouTube channel. Look up his YouTube channel. He visit a garbage island full of clowns.

  17. Makes me think of the Korok puzzles in Breath of the Wild. Love it. Great work! What's the design ID for the the shiney rocks?

  18. Amazing design. Ever since I got the first megaloceros I'd been trying to use near my museum entrance because I love it's shadow but I couldn't seem to make it work. You, however, did. I would love to visit your island.

  19. These are awesome! Great job making these. I want them all, but have no slots left. :/ Nintendo, give us more custom design slots!

  20. Amazing! I made one like this a month ago but yours is truly a beautiful sight!

  21. It's very nice. Where did the we're open signs come from?

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