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  1. To me it’s a meet and greet, not a date. I would often suggest coffe for a meet and greet. If everything checks out, they look like their pics, can carry a conversation, and I’m still interested. Then I suggest a date, and something a little longer than a coffee.

  2. Has it ever worked? Are you just getting started with Tivimate? Have you got it to DL the guide and playlist? Are you using a VPN? If so try disabling it and logging in and then re-enable it. If you are not using one, you should. Try Surfshark. If you are having trouble getting logged. If you are logged in and getting the error, try changing the user agent under settings - general and try IPTVSmartersPRO, VLC or ProPlayer.

  3. Thanks for the replies, there was a two day hiccup with my service and i was provided a new login. For fun, i tried TiviMate again and it worked perfectly.

  4. People express love in different ways. But I’m curious if he spent “all” of his money , or if he had a well paying job that gave him a large amount of expendable income.

  5. You need to remember this, she’s not rejecting you, you are. Due to the fact that she’s not dropping you suggest she thinks you are in her league. So remember it’s not your job to end this relationship for her, that’s her job. You just do your best to keep her crushing on you . At least until you eventually divorce, just kidding.

  6. There’s a sub called deadbedroom that you should check out.

  7. My wife does not consider herself a whiskey drinker, but she like buffalo Trace. It doesn’t have that burn that turns her off every other bottle.

  8. I do love some buffalo trace any one in particular youd recommend or just the standard one

  9. Just the standard, it’s roughly 40.00 Canadian. I bought it as a mixer for my whisky sours but my wife enjoys it neat.

  10. Yeah, there are guys out there who really enjoy foreplay. They will make sure to take care of your needs before thinking of theirs .

  11. You know, he was probably being pulled by his desire to be with you, and his responsibility and obligations in other aspects of his life. I know this hurts for you, but there’s no doubt in my mind it’s hurt him too. He most likely clicked with you in the same way you clicked with him. You can only respect him for making such a tough decision, unfortunately the circumstances made it that you had to be what got cut. He genuinely felt he couldn’t give you what you deserved. Time heals most wounds, you’ll just need to ride out these terrible feelings. They’ll slowly diminish. And while I don’t want to give you false hope, time also resolves life struggles, maybe somewhere further along in the trajectory of your life your paths will cross and the timing might be better.

  12. Just move forward with your life as best as you can and hope for the best of all possible outcomes. That’s all we can do, even if our possibilities are limited due to past decisions.

  13. I would not help anyone who is not nice to me. Good on you

  14. I always say, there’s nothing wrong with what happens between two consenting adults.

  15. One idea - if you have a few local card shops, you can ask them (for a fee) to do a review of it and group the cards based on value groupings. Could do it with a couple of LCS if worried about evaluation and then compare against Ebay etc. for the high value items.

  16. Thanks everyone. From the way they were organized. It looks like sets are all kept together. If I could paste a picture in this reply and show you some of the stuff I’m looking at. Unfortunately i ca. But some of the boxes are labeled things like tops 81 . Correct me if I’m wrong but tops is a brand of card. I do not know if the 81 is the year. But some of the boxes are clearly marked with year. Such is the case for The cards from the 60’s. Right now, I’m trying to figure out the proper nomenclature for discussing what’s there. And maybe if i said i have a box with about 150 cards in it labeled tops 81. That would mean something here.

  17. Hockey cards, and all sports cards, are broken down by years and companies/sets. Hockey goes by the hockey season so Tops 81 is most likely the 1981-82 Topps set

  18. Thank you, that’s what I thought but wasn’t sure

  19. If asked i would say it was a gift, if pressed i would say from who. But i would think it strange if my partner wanted me to throw out gifts from girlfriends past, some of those things I’d have bought myself.

  20. There’s a ton of negativity posted here, so refreshing to read something so nice. Being a step parent takes adjusting. Sounds like you and your dad are very lucky.

  21. I know, I feel lucky that I get to have such a wonderful woman as my stepmom

  22. I mean no disrespect to your biological mom, but do something for her on mother’s day. I’m sure it’ll mean something to her.

  23. There’s been very little reporting on the suspect. My understanding is that they have a suspect, but he hasn’t been found.

  24. I would bring peanut butter and jam sandwiches for the lunch date just to have a really funny story to tell my friends.

  25. I think if a guy were to just make a move on me and say something like “you look so good baby, I need to fuck you in this little skirt right now” and then proceed to do so, that I would really get turned on. Then after you can tell her how hot her tight fitting clothes are and then have a conversation about keeping them on sometimes.

  26. This is what i do to my wife. Express your desire with a lustfull intention and she won’t receive it in a negative way.

  27. He should slow down when he’s feeling close, even stop. This will help him prolong the experience. It’s called edging, google will tell you lots about it if you ask.

  28. You need to politely tell her you don’t feel your receiving her comments they way she intending them. If she persists, then you might need to assert yourself a little harder and tell her you find that behaviour annoying.

  29. There is nothing wrong what happens between two consenting adults.

  30. Definitely not cheating, but questionable behaviour at best.

  31. What is MFC? I am relatively new to bourbon and don’t know all the acronyms.

  32. Men really enjoy going down on women, so let him figure out what too long is, just enjoy the ride until he stops.

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